10 Do's and Don'ts of Successful Online Marketing

Oct 25, 2016 5:10:31 PM / by Mubarak Basha

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Implementing online marketing strategies just like that isn't a fair approach. It needs to be implemented methodologically and meticulously with precision. Below, we highlight the do's and don'ts of online marketing.


  1. The primary requirement to do online marketing is the creation of a landing page that should be professional and attractive. Perhaps, the landing page should consist of all necessary elements worth the potential to drive traffic to the website. Do not over stuff the landing page with unnecessary design elements and content. Instead keep it simple and precise.
  2. Highlight your serving offerings or products at the very first glance. Give readers a short brief on how your products or service offerings will be of help to them. Also, answer the question, how your products can simplify their lives.
  3. Choose a simple and easy-to-remember domain name for your site, rather than a complicated one which is lengthy. If the domain name is lengthier, people tend to forget it easily thereby losing traffic.
  4. Do meaningful and ethical search engine optimization for your website rather than clinging on to unethical practices.
  5. Do A/B testing for your content and other marketing efforts so as to decipher the better performing strategy and eliminate the non-performing ones.
  6. Have a blog incorporated into your website so as to drive user engagement and to subsequently enhance the user activity to your website. Ensure regular updates for your blog section and to the maximum possible extent provide fresh insights to readers by writing on latest topics.
  7. Let the language used all across the website be client-centered.  Use more of "You". Keep in mind that the content should be easily understandable to readers and prospects.
  8. Incorporate a responsive-provoking call-to-action button in all your content pieces.
  9. Adopt a flexible marketing strategy. In that way, you can fine tune or optimize your marketing plan depending on the response.
  10. The landing page should give clear directions to customers on what next to be done. Keep the navigation simple.


  1. Don't request visitors to register on your website so as to avail information about your business. This, in turn, will create a bad impression and provokes the user to exit the website immediately. However, if registration is inevitable keep the form simple. Do not complicate it.
  2. Don't promote your website before the website build-up process is fully complete, else it amounts to deceiving visitors.
  3. Never rely on black hat SEO strategies for the optimization process. Doing so will attract penalty from search engines in the form of deindexing of the site.
  4. Don't send email messages that are too longer, as readers won’t have much time to glance through the entire content.
  5. Don't ignore the preferences of clients and customers. Build an online marketing strategy keeping in mind your target audience.
  6. Never go about in talking much about your business and organization history, rather restrict it to your service offerings and products.
  7. Don't build content in such a way the prompts users to initiate action. This is a bad precedent. Content should be informative and educative that instill a sense of awareness.
  8. Never give false promises to readers. Just go about in highlighting what you deliver and explain it in simple terms. Don't give scope for misinterpretation.
  9. Don't overstuff the landing page with keywords as this can be extremely counterproductive. The more you add keywords, greater the possibility of the landing page being penalized severely.
  10. Don't take social media for granted. One single negative review can malign the hardly earned reputation of your brand. Hence, pay close attention to the social media comments and defend your brand to the fullest possible extent.

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