10 Ways To Spend The Online Marketing Budget Effectively

Nov 16, 2016 9:33:15 AM / by Nithya Omprakash

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Channelizing the online marketing budget effectively and wisely enables businesses to reap rich dividends in the long run. Identifying the right component and allocating the appropriate budget is extremely critical.

Below, we explore the 10 ways to spend the online marketing budget effectively.

1. Spend on making the website responsive

Still, you don’t have a mobile-friendly website? Then, its high time you channelize certain proportion of your online marketing spend towards this particular component. Google statistics bring to light the fact that, around 52% of web users disengaging from the website if they find the pages to be less mobile-friendly.

2. Optimize your low-performing call to actions

Segregate the low performing and high performing call-to-action buttons by deciphering the click rate and conversion rate. Opt to redesign the low performing ones. Try out with different content and change the representation format. Establish strong link between the content posted on the landing page and CTA button.

For this process, you can earmark 5% of your total budget.

3. Capitalize the potential opportunities in Home Page

Track the entire home page user behavior and gain as many insights as possible.  Find out the elements that solicit user clicks and how they scroll through the entire page. Most predominantly, identify if visitors click the area where you expect them to click.

You can invest around 10% of your total budget.

4. Identify the SEO scope

If in case you have your google webmaster tools linked to google analytics, then you can figure out the list of keywords through which people land on your website. Most specifically, deciphering the relevant keywords to your product/service can be determined.

It is advisable to invest around 20% of your online marketing budget in SEO.

5. Opt for social media advertising

Social media platforms are considered to be the latest craze in digital marketing. You can opt for sponsored advertising on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Overall budget allocation for social media advertising has increased tremendously over the years. You can invest 30% of your total budget.

6. Optimize the Landing page

Landing pages are most crucial in online marketing. It is more of a content play in landing pages. Find out the pages with poor conversion rates. Tweak the content as well as the design. Definitely, you can observe positive results out of this exercise.

7. Localization of website

Your website design and the content incorporated into it should resonate the preferences and taste of your target audience. Get the regional dialect right for the geographies where you intend to showcase or sell your product or service offerings. Investing a pretty good sum is mandatory for this.

8. Churn out resourceful blog posts

Create a wonderful blog section that is visually enriching in terms of design and highly authoritative and resourceful from a content perspective. Blogs highlight your authority in subject matter expertise. Update the blog section on a frequent basis. Invest considerable proportion of your online marketing budget in creating top-notch content for the blog section.

9. Invest in retargeting ads

Through retargeting ads, target your ads to those who have visited your website. Invest your money in those visitors as they are also your potential target audience. Retargeting can be done through facebook and google ad words.

Give it a shot with minimal investment and analyze the outcome of it. If you are able to get better ROI out of it, increase the investment gradually.

10. Perform an SEO audit

By performing an SEO audit, you can identify the loopholes from an SEO perspective. Indeed, you can figure out the SEO opportunities on each page.  Invest a fair proportion of your digital marketing budget for this process once in every six months. Optimize the on-page factors and tweak/add keywords depending on the performance.

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