4 Swanky eCommerce Web Designs Of 2017

May 10, 2017 2:51:52 PM / by Balamurugan

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With such fabulous finesse, the digital arena has evolved over the past decade. Our lives today has become completely intertwined with this virtual medium. Everything and every decision depends and relies on it. These doodahs control our choices.

No wonder technology and gadgets are constantly trying to innovate. The idea is to stay relevant, and stay inspired. Truly, the only constant in the technology-laden universe is 'change'. Innovators have been crafting their gizmos based on trends, popularity and the requirement of the users. The design space has showcased some interesting innovation’ and forecasts. Let's take a quick look at what the web design fads this year:

  1. A 360-degree virtual view

The concept of virtual reality on mobile devices exploded into our mainstream lives in a big way last year. The trends hadn't reached the web designs as much so far. But this year, this has changed. Many an influential eCommerce website development companies today has started to incorporate this facility for a magnificent user experience as well as an interactive element. Reinstating the fabulousness of this option, Google has presented it's Daydream Virtual Reality headset. Other big players have joined this rat race too. From PlayStation to Microsoft, looks like VR and 360-degree video will finally find its way to our web pages.

  1. GIFs and Animations are back, big time!

Remember when the little GIFs were all the strange? It was short, sweet, crisp yet impactful. Then, with the advent of numerous other theatrical options, these animated images took a silent backseat. But, this year, that has changed in a big way rather. Making a comeback with a makeover, GIFs are finding its way back to web designs in the form 'Cinemagraph'. In the new age version, the still photograph has a small yet significant portion of animation attached to it, giving the image a slight but definite video watching experience. Many players have taken up to this trend. You can see these GIFs appear on category headers, home page, banners and even in images.

  1. Of bots and artificial intelligence

Though it might never become mainstream Artificial Intelligence will surely affect and positively influence the way UX designers think and create. Artificial intelligence-powered boats will become more realistic, authentic and complex in the years to come. This will, in turn, help businesses automate interactions, marketing pitches and sales in totality. Interactive and conversational interfaces will see a new lease of life, allowing major business players to express and numerous shades of their personality, hence, making them appear more human and relatable.

  1. Leisure loading and lazy scrolls

With the digital space swiftly moving base to mobile devices, the need to customize the content and UI accordingly is the prime purpose a UX designer needs to fulfil. One of which is the scrolls and the loading of the pages. While at first, it might sound like a terrible idea to have lazy loading as an option, but it's a reality, it seems more practical and real. The concept is to provide the user maximum viewing experience at any and every given moment. So, designers would now have to provide maximum punch at every page and allow scrolling that run long and provide objects only as and when needed. A quick example would be the eCommerce sites, where the user will get to watch more products just by swiping vertically. Unlike before when he had to click on tabs for an entirely new page to load.

These are the trend alerts for 2017, with over half a year left to call it a wrap, this list remains just half done. So, stay tuned and watch this space, we will keep adding new innovation and trend alerts right in here.

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Written by Balamurugan