5 Facts About SMS Messaging Services That Will Impress Your Friends

Jul 24, 2017 9:12:04 AM / by Belmond Victor

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Phones have become an integral part of our lives. It is these days included amongst the basic necessities in a house hold - much like cooking gas, television, refrigerator, etc. It is impossible to imagine lives without mobile phone for it has become the single most important source of communication across the world. Here are 5 facts about SMS messaging service that will impress your friends:

  1. SMS communication that started off as a marketing platform for young audience, has now taken center stage. It has been arrived at through market surveys that more than 80% of all mobile users use text communication. And while it is also proven, we cannot deny the fact that 90% of text messages are opened and read within the first 3 minutes of delivery.
  2. Although, email marketing is also a powerful tool for cost-effective communication with existing as well as prospective customers, bulk SMS solutions due to its effectiveness in reaching out to customers more or less pays for themselves. Using SMS marketing, it is possible to generate leads, make a sale, build brand awareness and gain customer loyalty.
  3. Market surveys also confirm that more than 70% of mobile phone users read an SMS when compared to an email. The SMS being short, it gets to the point quickly and is an effective, eye-catching medium of communication. It reaches both - the 95% who use smartphones and also those who do not.
  4. The conversion rates in case of SMS messaging service is also quite high in comparison to other marketing communication channels. More than 60% of mobile consumers who subscribe to promotional newsletters make a purchase after receiving an SMS.
  5. Only in bulk SMS Gateway, it is possible to change the E-mail format into messages and sent to a relevant target audience. The most effective SMS text messages for consumers include coupons and deals, personalized alerts and updates. Two-way bulk SMS services ensure smooth interaction between the customer and the organization.

When choosing a bulk SMS service provider, it is important to see that they have services including instant delivery, good database quality, better external support system, user friendly panels and easy API integration mechanisms. Using minimum human intervention, bulk SMS service companies provide API for developers that help in sending bulk SMS using web panels as well as online to its target audience.

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