5 PPC Advertising Blunders Never To Make

Apr 5, 2017 9:41:44 AM / by Nithya Omprakash

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Everyone wants to be the master of the Internet. Yes, there is something in it for everyone, but, one careless move and you might end up losing more than you bargained for. Acing Internet and the digital space, especially, when you've put your business on the line online, it requires precision and oodles of patience.

For businesses today, online is the perfect platform to showcase and sell their services. But, success in these ventures does not happen overnight or haphazardly. Also, when you start investing and allotting portions of your marketing budgets to make your digital mark, you need to hire the experts. Or, if you plan to take the entire onus on yourself, do your homework. Learn from the errors of others. One of the main pockets of digital marketing that you might spend on is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. The platform that allows to features your digital advertisement on popular search engines such as Google, so that your brand can be noticed by the right people at the right time, that is, when they come looking for it online. So, through PPC advertising, your budget goes up with the number of people clicking your ad. So, if not targeted and designed the right way, it can get very pricy.

Personally, while dealing with various businesses, and in the course of providing digital marketing services across the middle east, I have consistently noted common mistakes and wrong judgements made, particularly in the case of PPC (Pay Per Click). So, here's a quick look to give you an insight into these mistakes, you that can refrain from it, next time around:

  1. Running behind the No. 1 slot

Almost everyone falls for this, from PPC companies to amateurs. Being the first on the list of search engine results, might prove costly. Though it does guarantee exposure, it also invites wrong prospects. So, you'd be paying for click that aren't relevant. To avoid this debacle, be conveniently sandwiched somewhere in between, that is, number 5th or 6th position.

  1. Going after generic keywords

Investing in a popular yet broadly matched keywords is a mistake, that is often made, even by big businesses. In order to pick that perfect keyword, one needs to understand the concept of match type function. And, while it is easy-breezy to pick an entire host of broad keywords, if you want your ad to work, you need to dig deep and carefully pick the keywords. Use phrases that are close to an exact match.

  1. Leading to a random landing page

Nothing can cause more damage than not having a relevant landing page for your ad. Make sure the claims you make in your ad or the features you promote are promptly highlighted in the landing page the consumer lands on upon clicking on the ad. The best way to do so is by designing a unique landing page for each of the ads you upload. Take cue from leading PPC companies and use their tools to optimize your agenda.

  1. Doing it as a one-time duty

Setting up your ads online and then forgetting about it can be damaging for your PPC advertising. It is extremely crucial that you keep checking and refurbishing your optimizations. The main course of action starts after the ad is uploaded. Spending some time, on a weekly basis will tremendously help you in evaluating your ads and making the required tweaks. You can screen keywords and focus on your Quality score.

  1. Randomly targeting a large group

Just like with keywords, while picking your target demography, you need to be very specific. Only accurate targeting will fetch you the results you desire. Also, you're targeting has to be localized and geographic to begin with. Choosing to target consumers from across different countries and continents will backfire. Because, consumer behavior, time zones, dialects, and strength of the competitor, varies from place to place. So, you need to pick a place, study the mindset and then target specific.

The final say

This list might appear tedious. But, of all the things you can't control in the digital space, having such options sure comes as a promising sign. Remember, just a little bit of extra is all that is required to turn a drab campaign into a fab one. So, strive for, keep exploring, take your time and grow with your brand. And, if in doubt, just remember, me and my team are always here to help.

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Nithya Omprakash

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