5 Smart SEO Techniques for 2016

Sep 30, 2016 10:35:17 AM / by Fazill

SEO is a volatile online marketing effort. Definitely, it is. None is aware of the search algorithms and the pressing factors based on which search engines rank websites in search results. The SEO marketing ideas that you come across in the online world are just presumptive in nature. Perhaps, one would have tried a certain technique and gained maximum traction out of it. Likewise, there are many SEO techniques that might be helpful for your business in the long run.

Below, we have compiled the 5 smart SEO techniques for 2016.

1. Offer Rich User Experience

Many say it’s just a speculation that Google lays much emphasis on user engagement. Perhaps, the veracity cannot be ascertained. However, an in-depth analysis will reveal the importance that Google accords for user experience. A website that guarantees the best user engagement is definitely bound to top the charts in search rankings provided if it isn’t stuffed with keywords and is being optimized according to accepted SEO techniques. User engagement includes average time spent on site, bounce rate, and other factors. If the website is liked by the user he/she tends to stay for a longer period of time, and this in turn lowers the bounce rate as well.

To reap the best out of SEO efforts, website owners must optimize the website. According to optimization experts, user engagement is extremely critical as like any other onsite optimization element.

In order to improve the user engagement, website owners decipher the user interaction that is happening in the site pages. This insight can be obtained through analytics tool. Upon analyzing the metrics, necessary changes should be incorporated to enhance the user engagement.

2. Optimizing for Mobile App

Offering mobile users with better user experience is extremely critical for SEO success. Given the ever increasing user base of smartphone, mobile audience cannot be taken for granted. In fact, even Google is deciphering ways to offer better search experience for its mobile users. Successful companies across the globe have increased their spending on mobile search ad.According to optimization experts, the forthcoming App Store Optimization (ASO) is supposedly considered to be the next generation SEO. In fact, Google’s algorithm has been updated to index the App pages. Hence, businesses can optimize their apps and influence its search rankings for targeted keywords. The search ranking for apps can be identified under Deep link category or App pack.

3. Optimizing for Rich Answers

Just optimizing for targeted keywords isn't just sufficient enough to conquer top position in search rankings. Rather, it is necessary to optimize to rich answers too. According to statistics, rich answers can be found in 19.45% of the search results against 850,000 keyword queries.Google attaches much credence to the user’s search query and hence it picks and showcases the answer that is clear and precise.How to gain entry into Google’s rich answer box?

  • Improve rankings for the targeted query
  • Begin the sentence with command words
  • Opt for a heading that sounds clarity and preciseness
  • Incorporate <li> tags and use short sentences

The prospects of getting listed in rich answers box is brighter if your website ranks in the first page of search engine results.

4. Use long tail keywords in Title tags

Add long tail keywords in the title. It’s better your meta title focuses on keywords. However, ensure that you don’t overstuff it. It is so natural that as a search engine user, your search query will be longer and it will no way be precise.  So, when you are using those search phrases as long tail keywords in your meta title, there is every possibility of driving search engine traffic in a much faster manner and subsequently your web page gets ranked for more than one term. And, this is the benefit of incorporating long tail keywords in meta title.

5. Focus on Images and Videos

The ability of a person to stay attentive gets shorten gradually. Various reasons can be attributed to it. Readers aren’t interested to scan through the content completely. Though content is the prime factor for SEO, there are various other forms that can keep readers engaged. And, that is images and videos.To target SEO efforts in mobile devices, images and videos are the best alternative to content. A 500-word content can be best explained in a 3-minute video. Likewise, images are so powerful in conveying the desired message too.

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