5 Ways To Kickstart Content Marketing In 2017

Mar 24, 2017 1:39:50 PM / by Saji Nair

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Editorial calendars and timelines were once jargons. Known only to folks from the media, and the nerdy spec-wearing, khadi-clad journos. As gibberish as a term could get, content and editorial involvement weren't something that was taught in marketing classes about a decade back. But today, the business world has taken a 360-degree turn, quite literally. An all-inclusive medium, catering to a well-educated plethora of consumers, who wouldn’t invest their time or money unless you sound smart, suave and sharp. And, content gives your brand that swag!

But, great content is no accident. It takes time, research, precision, and a fair amount of flair. When marketing is in question, its become all the more tight-roped. Though over the years, through practice and market research, content connoisseurs have come up with certain guidelines, content marketing still remains quite a jigsaw to many. But, in the name of initiation and to nudge you in the right direction, read this compiled list that is an assortment of advice from pioneers of content marketing agencies, across the globe sphere:

  1. Time to revamp and restart - if your current content marketing strategy is not panning out the way you expected it to be, don’t sulk over it. Instead, scratch the idea completely and start afresh. Re-evaluate, rethink and realign. Think about your target audience, the tone and style of your content, editorial calendar, the do-ability factor, delegation patterns and measuring parameters. Remember, when it comes to contents, you can’t rush. Quality is an absolute noncompromising factor. So, start with a blank drawing board, draft new creative concepts or just weave something new along the lines of what you clients want.
  1. Try something bold and new –fiddle around with concepts that are yet to come of age, such as, virtual reality or live experiences telecast. Reason? Well, that’s where the future lies. Doing so will give your brand the early bird advantage. Also, these formats will create more room to innovative. For starters, try Facebook Live. Virtual reality is still an untapped space, and if it clicks, you can flaunt to have been the first one here.
  1. Use Facebook to boost and engage – getting fabulous content out there doesn’t make any sense unless it gets noticed by the right audience or is read on time. So, in order to make your content noticeable click on the ‘Boost Post’ tab on your Facebook account. There is nothing wrong in giving your content a right push and nudge if isn’t organically able to drive traffic. On Facebook, the ad targeting feature will help you handpick the right kind of audience and let them engage with you. Once on Facebook, keep a constant flow of quality content flowing. This exercise rake in the right kind of results without causing a big dent in your marketing budget.
  1. Mirror brilliant content plan – Steal! When you find absolutely stunning content by someone in the industry, follow them closely, start with copying their style and eventually outdo them. Since the have already made it big, you won’t have to worry about workability factors of the content formats they have used. Just read the inside out and be fierce in outshining them in their own game. Play with different styles, listicles are great, infographic turn eyeballs and crisp content always emerge as winners. Take keywords that have worked for them, and give a brand-new spin.
  1. Make it a visual treat – nothing compliments content like a great piece of striking visual or an AV video. Such inclusions of features, make the piece a comprehensive package. You don’t have to go all professional with the video-making. Just use your smartphones to capture video remakes of content that is already on your online platform. Post it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. and you are good to go. Keep it simple, natural, punchy and do a quick homework on the latest video trends. While punchy content always works, make sure to keep it clean and crisp. Follow the popular thumb rule that most content marketers swear by, which is, Keep it Short and Simple (KISS).

More than anything

Get started now! Do not forget that content creation is an extremely creative and liberating process. Invest in the right pockets and handpick passionate mavens. Stop being too mathematical about content marketing. Remember, it is non-tangible and cannot to be manufactured by the lot. So, sit back, start typing and let the rhyme and rhythm of the word play weave their magic, a ‘marketing’ magic too, maybe!

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