6 Creative Content Marketing Strategies For Your Brand

Oct 27, 2016 11:51:01 AM / by Saji Nair

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Content marketing is the most talked about digital marketing technique in the recent times. Off late, businesses of all sizes have started realizing the full potential of content marketing. What are the strategies that they adopt to market the content?

Explore the 5 creative content marketing strategies for your business.

Strategy #1: Build a response-provoking headline

They say "Headline is the limelight for a piece of content". Exactly, it is very much true. The hseadline for any content piece should be persuasive and response-provoking that prompts the reader to read further. You would have come across people, especially bloggers cringing that none of their content had a decent click through rate in the past.  Perhaps, one of the reasons for low click through rate is the non-convincing headline. Headlines should be utterly convincing. Furthermore, headline and the rest of the content should be in sync with each other. There shouldn't be any compromise on that.

Strategy #2: - Be a subject matter expertise

Through the piece of content which you produce, readers should get to know your proficiency and the expert level in the subject matter. Your content should earn the trust from readers. That's when people look forward to your content on a continued basis. Let the content be informative and which readers have never-heard across before. On the other hand, ensure that the piece of content is resourceful and offer value to readers. Advice readers on the most critical aspects and try to win their hearts. Content marketing strategy evolved should revolve around the preferences and interests of the target audience.

Strategy #3: - Try to be humorous

Use a bit of humor quotient in your content while maintaining the core essence of the information which you are trying to convey. Readers tend to react positively when they feel contended with the piece of content they have read. However, induce the humor naturally and in an effective manner. These days, content marketing should focus on entertaining the readers too. And, that's where the real punch lies. The humor quotient which you intend to incorporate into the content should match the service offerings or products for which the content is marketed.

Strategy #4: - Dust the old. Give way to the new

Is your brand an age old one trying to embrace content marketing? Well, not to worries. Off late, there are many old companies or in other words traditional companies keen on trying their luck with new age digital marketing techniques like content marketing. And, for those companies, it's all about re-inventing themselves. This re-invention should happen with respect to the content used for promotion, images used for representation and their signature style. To start with, they can tap the potential of content marketing through social media.

Strategy #5: - Adorn the hat of a listener

Let your content solicit questions. Market your content in such a manner that it offers scope for customers to raise their queries or clarifications through an appropriate channel. In this way, you can build personalized connection through content marketing.

Strategy #6: - Be the hub of knowledge creation

A piece of content that is worth the potential to educate customers meaningfully will be a sure shot hit. And, there's certainly no second thought about it. Customers crave for resourceful information that in some way or the other be of great help to them. If your content connects with customers by giving value in turn, then there is a maximum probability of customers staying for a longer period of time.

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