6 Effective Content Marketing Elevator Pitches

Oct 13, 2016 11:00:36 PM / by Saji Nair

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1. Highlight your specialty

As a content marketer, you should showcase your skill set and demonstrate how you stand out from the crowd. Your prospect would have listened to many such content marketers like you and hence your specialty as a content marketer should definitely have to be unique and different in all facets of content marketing. The value proposition that you offer as a content marketer should convince the prospects and make them align with you for their content marketing requirements.

Educate your prospects about the new avenues of content marketing and articulate the reasons how the business can benefit from it.

2. Chart a specific strategy

Perhaps, before discussing with the client, you would have gone their web pages and there are umpteen possibilities that you might have figured out loopholes in the entire content strategy. Instead of talking about those to clients, rather offer a clear-cut articulation on how your skills will fix a flawed content strategy. It is highly critical to make the client understand. And, only then you can be hopeful to have the business as your client.

3. Narrate with examples

It is really tough to convince a non-marketing person. So, it is better to start off with a one-liner that is worth its potential to kick-start the conversation. At this juncture, you should wear the hat of a sales person. The way you explain should enable the listener to picture the concept. It is advised to showcase some real-time examples, most specifically a short narration of how you scripted the success story of a company’s content marketing efforts.

Raised the curiosity of the client by sharing some interesting stories on how content marketing gave brands a new lease of life. Give a short glimpse about the potential of content marketing in educating the target audience and in playing a crucial role in converting them into your customers.

4. Offer an explanation of what you do

You aren’t a professional speaker for everyone to be aware of the intricacies of your profession. Rather, you are a content marketer. Unless your client is from marketing domain, there are very little prospects of him/her to comprehend the intricacies of your profession. So equip yourself with the ability to clearly explain what would be your role as a content marketer and what you would be doing to market the content. Indeed, by answering questions like these you can convince your prospects.

5. Value Proposition

Give a clear picture on the various avenues that you would be using for content marketing. In fact, share the minutest details. Explain to the client the strategy that you are planning to adopt for different content marketing platforms, and how you would go about in measuring the success of those content marketing efforts. Ensure that your efforts bring tangible value to clients’ business. Your value proposition should not be identical to that of other competitors. The value proposition that you are highlighting should convince the prospects to invest in your service.

6. Get the Elevator pitch right

And, this is the stage where you got to prove your mettle. Your elevator pitch should eulogize content marketing in all respects. Make your client understand that content marketing is a soft-sell approach when compared to advertising which is considered to be a hard-sell approach. Don’t miss out to highlight the prime benefit of content marketing to your client, which is that of brand building. It is a universally accepted fact that content marketing fosters positive associations by sharing valuable information.

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