6 Reasons Why Your Business/Brand should be on YouTube

Oct 4, 2019 1:25:19 PM / by Mari Muthu

6 Reasons Why Your Business or Brand Should be on YouTube

If your business’s digital marketing plan is lacking YouTube marketing strategies in 2019, then it is bound to give discouraging results. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the Internet. Therefore, maintaining a YouTube presence is now vital to overall brand building.

Google reports suggest that 60% of people choose online streaming platforms and videos over watching television. Even on mobile, YouTube has a higher engagement rate than any other TV network provider. It is especially true for people in the 18-50 years age group.

With YouTube, you get pre-decided user intent. To clarify, while using other social media channels, you swipe involuntarily through content while you always know what you want to see on YouTube. It can be anything like "how to lay tiles on my floor" to "the best chicken in New Jersey." As a business owner, your brand building is amplified as you are in your target audience’s mind right from the start.

Furthermore, YouTube charts over 1 billion hours of viewership daily. Each month, there are more videos uploaded to YouTube than serials on TV in the last 30 years!

As a business manager or a brand advocate, you can easily imagine what wonders even a 10% exposure to this metric can do for your brand!

Here are 6 compelling reasons why your business should engage in YouTube marketing: 

#1 Higher Engagement: People prefer videos than any other content-form

#2 The cost of creating and maintaining a YouTube channel is very low

#3 Better conversion rate than any other social media channel or content form

#4 The best advertisement acceptance rate

#5 Increased search engine rankings with lesser effort

#6 Reach your target audience sooner than on any other content platform

The reasons are explained below.

#1 Higher Engagement: People prefer videos than any other content-form

Over the last few years, the data in support of this reason has only increased. It is expected that online videos will command over 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022. Videos are easier to understand and retain over a more significant period than they do with text. It is why 59% of executives prefer video or any form of text.

It is precisely why the video advertisement industry is the most prominent service industry in the world. With platforms like YouTube, the scope of videos has become both explosive and exponential.

Videos make the message simple for the user. People who watch videos retain 95% of the message, while blogs and articles have lower retention. As people retain for longer, the quality of engagement they generate is excellent for your business. YouTube videos generate 1200% more shares than images and texts taken together!

Furthermore, YouTube provides a more diversified engagement. Your content can get syndicated and reach destinations like popular blogs, content platforms, and social media channels.

#2 The cost of creating and maintaining a YouTube channel is very low

Most smartphones these days come with built-in premium cameras with amazing capture features. So, citing huge costs of video production and editing, as the reason for not creating YouTube marketing campaigns is an old excuse. It's no more applicable.

As far as editing is concerned, you can get premium tools like Adobe Studio and start creating engaging videos. However, there are cheap and free tools available online that helps you kick start your campaigns professionally.

People spend a lot of time watching videos. With engagement rates to die for, it is time you started a channel of your own and diligently pushed it forward.

#3 Better conversion rate than any other social media channel or content form

YouTube marketing, when successful, yields higher traffic, richer engagement value, and excellent ad exposure. Brightcove reports that this results in 76% higher conversion rates than any other digital channel.

Generally, it takes bloggers and content creators for more than six months to generate positive ROI when starting from scratch. However, with video content, owners record 49% faster growth in revenue than other forms of content.

Channel owners also get advanced tools that help boost conversion rates. These include:

  • Playlists - a dedicated section of videos grouped together under different headings for better discoverability and high watch time.
  • Cards - interactive and clickable call-to-action (CTA) format to direct the viewer to other videos, website, or channel.
  • End Screens - a feature that appears in the last 5 to 20 seconds of a video, allowing the video creator to promote websites, merchandise, or another video.

Such features make your target audience engage more and increase retargeting conversion rates. Viewers convert into subscribers, and then they enable notifications, and finally, they get added to your email lists.

In a nutshell, your entire brand building processes become much faster. Also, making targeted videos like “How To” tutorials makes for better chances of visibility as the YouTube algorithm is built for helping users find the right video as the best possible reply to their queries.

#5 Increased search engine rankings with lesser effort

Ranking videos is much easier than ranking blogs, articles, podcasts, and any other form of content. Videos are straightforward. They offer a specific solution, or certain information and thus, are easily targetable. It is why Google AI progressively picks them.

When it comes to YouTube, the search engine giant owns it. This means added perks of knowing the boss! YouTube videos rank highest when it comes to video rankings.

You will often find relevant YouTube videos across any niche on Google’s 1st page in search results. Therefore, creating consumer-centric videos that solve their queries should be a crucial part of your video marketing plan. Once you properly optimize them with keyword relevance and rich content, they will pop up in relevant searches sooner than you think!

#6 Reach your target audience sooner than on any other content platform

Google and YouTube together are the most powerful search engines. YouTube alone has a staggering 1.3 billion users. There, when you create videos as per current Google SEO guidelines, they are bound to perform. This performance happens because they reach the desired viewers quickly.

However, if you create content without any unidirectional or multi-pronged strategy, then you will get nowhere. Your content will go unrecognized. There is no place of unintelligent content and invasive advertisement now on the Internet. Relevance is the pre-requisite to building a strong online brand.

As a marketer, you must also have pre-defined target audiences, backed by research. More than 5 billion videos are watched every day. Your videos could easily get lost in this ocean or come out as a pearl on top. However, it depends on how researched and unique your brand building strategies are.

Being YouTube Relevant

There are various ways your business or brand can find relevance on YouTube.

  • You can answer customer questions through video carousels.
  • You can inculcate brand trust by showcasing videos of crucial processes.
  • You can convey vital elements of your business through videos and garner credibility.

A video captures the storytellers' emotions and relays it in the most psychologically simple way to the viewer. Live-action generates 95% retention compared to 10%, caused by print and other forms. Videos since the advent of motion pictures have succeeded in engaging billions of viewers with maximum attention spans and undivided focus.

Videos are easier to understand. Complex processes can be explained in simple manners to non-specialists in one video or a series of videos. This personalization makes any complex idea, process, mechanism, or product, a simple matter to explain through videos.

This simplicity of explanation can become a powerful tool for your business. It is seen that businesses perceived as complex and complicated are often looked over by the general populace.

In conclusion, brands that communicate extensively with their customers through platforms like social media and YouTube drive higher engagement, trust, traffic, and as a result: conversions.

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