7 Common Link Building Problems and Steps To Overcome It

Nov 22, 2016 9:19:14 AM / by Fazill

link building problems

Ethical link building is crucial for the success of SEO. Off late, search engines have started penalizing websites that indulge in the practice of unnatural link building. The ultimate objective of link building is to drive traffic and to subsequently enhance the search rankings through ethical ways. Moreover, with every search engine algorithm update, the process of link building is made stringent. Because of which, many sites witnessed a considerable drop in search engine rankings.

Below, we explore the common link building problems and the steps to overcome it.

  1. Article Directories

Submissions in article directories was a hot trend those days. Perhaps, those were the days of penguin algorithm update, effected by google. However, in the recent past, with the subsequent algorithm updates, Google has started paying less emphasis on link building. As a result of which, websites sourcing links from article directories are being penalized.

In order to progress ahead in search rankings, links sourced from article directories has to be removed forthright. If links can't be removed manually, you can request Google Disavow Tool not to consider those links.

In order to drive quality traffic to the website, your link building campaign should be well-structured that is devoid of unethical practices.

  1. Low-quality Guest post

Many at times SEO managers get it wrong by guest posting on sites that aren't relevant to the subject or vice versa. Sometimes, guest posting is done at frequent intervals, which is not at all advisable.

Do guest posting in sites that has your target audience as the readers. Ensure that the site has a high domain authority.

  1. Anchor Texts

Stuffing up too much of anchor texts in backlink profile doesn't in any way benefit the process of link building. Instead, it attracts unnecessary penalties. Incorporating anchor texts is worth it, but shouldn't exceed a certain proportion.

Don't repeat the same anchor text multiple times. By doing so, you can avoid attracting unnecessary penalties from Google.

  1. Doorway Pages

Never rely on doorway pages, since these are pages exclusively created for attracting search traffic and to channelize traffic to another site. In other words, these pages have a very thin content for which google doesn't attach much credence.

  1. Paid Guest Post

Never opt for paid guest post since it will have an adverse impact on your search rankings. Indeed, if you would have observed better traction from guest posts go ahead with it, but don’t prefer paying for the post.  Always place the link at the bottom of the post.

  1. Poor Quality Content

You can gauge the quality of content to an extent by analyzing its social response. Identify whether the content has garnered social love. Has it grabbed the overall attention? Find out how long do people spend time on that page?

Always publish content that is relevant to your brand. Never afford to publish low-quality content as it will impact your search rankings negatively.

  1. SEO technical issues

Never get links from sites that are home to a host of SEO technical issues. Check the loading speed of the site and if possible do an analysis in Google page speed insights and get to know how efficient it is. Do a thorough SEO analysis of the website from where you are going to get links.

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