Why Businesses Need Instagram Marketing in 2020

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7 Reasons To Use Instagram For Business 2020

With the world shifting towards digital platforms, all spheres of life such as shopping, branding, image promotion as well as entertainment and education, are shifting towards a digital platform-based application.

Since the advent of social media and the gradual development of various platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people have used these platforms for various reasons like connecting with friends and family, remaining close to their squad, keeping their memories alive on their accounts by uploading pictures and videos.

Other than that, people often use these platforms for various services too such as the marketplace and video calling. However, today these social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Quora have become crucial to business strategies, promotion strategies and branding activities.

Amongst these social media platforms, Instagram is most definitely the top contender for business strategies and branding activities.

To know how to use Instagram to create brand awareness and popularize your business or brand, read this guide on social media promotion using Instagram.


About Instagram Marketing

Statistics tell us that more than 850 million users actively surf the platform of Instagram on a daily basis with more than 62% being regular visitors or active surfers. Every other second, a purchase is made on the platform through the new addition called shoppable posts.

During a survey, 57% of Instagram users say that they discovered wonderful brands from Instagram that they weren’t aware of before. Instagram marketing is quite simple and it allows you to generate brand awareness and engage with potential clients.

Not only does this generate more sales for your business and widen your customer base, but it also allows you to have a greater reach through influencers and existing customers on Instagram.


7 reasons why businesses in 2020 need Instagram marketing:

If you haven't taken your brand to Instagram and joined the world of digital marketing then you're missing out on great marketing opportunities. If your business isn't on Instagram, here's why you might want to get your brand on the platform in 2020.


1. High internet penetration and the increasing popularity of Instagram

The statistics indicate an overwhelming amount of viewers and users on Instagram that keeps increasing. Prediction, therefore, indicates that Instagram will become even more crucial for business due to high internet traffics and the optimum conditions of partnerships with influencers and the direct revenue aspects that Instagram offers. Millennials especially are a market segment that is truly invested in online shopping and Instagram marketing methods must be targeted towards attracting these customers to them.


2. The perfect option for big and small businesses

With all of those users to choose from, the sky is the limit to what a business can achieve. Existing businesses have clearly proved that Instagram has enough potential customers to go to big and small businesses and this is a huge advantage for startups.

Of course, even for the best-known companies, success will not come overnight, but if a marketing team wants to get their organization on the map, they can do so by keeping an active presence and maintaining a routine of at least one post per day.

This can keep changing as per your desired goals of interaction and engagement with the targeted segment as your brand and business develops. This is how both household names like Coca-Cola and Adidas as well as a slew of small businesses have effectively used Instagram to thrive.


3. Direct source of revenue

After its launch, Instagram has made several updates and changes that have made it possible for businesses to use it as the best platform for branding and advertising.

The recent addition of shoppable posts that allows you to guide the users towards buying the products shown in videos or posts is an ingenious addition to the platform. They allow businesses to add tags to the products in their photos with links that include a product description, price and the ability to "shop now," which will lead the user to your online store.

It is a simple but effective way to guide the users towards making a purchase without heckling or irritating the customers.


4. Interactive posts and short stories

Instagram marketing already makes use of posts, stories and ads to keep up with their branding efforts but this can be taken to a whole new level for the business strategies in 2020.

Instagram is a great way to show potential customers that you are more than just a faceless corporation. This can be done through many of the app's features, but you can really make an impression with live posts and stories. These options are a great way to create an intimate connection and convince the user that they feel a positive bond with your business through your products, posts and stories.

The best way to use live stories is to show behind-the-scenes insights into your company and the people who work there. Some examples are videos that show how products are made, videos of office employees interacting with each other, and live Q&A sessions between you and your audience.

This gives your viewers an inside look that is intimately designed to make them feel like contributors towards the brand. Instagram live posts are also an excellent way to build rapport, trust and credibility with followers, as well as showing that there's a human side to your business. If consumers see you as more than an entity looking to take their money, then they may be more trusting of your brand.

This is extremely crucial because people no longer simply look for a product to meet their needs, they want to be able to trust the brand and emotionally invest in them along with using their products.


5. Partnerships, contests and giveaways

Partnerships with influencers is a major reason why businesses in 2020 will be gearing for a lot of events and giveaway contests on Instagram. This is a major strategy utilised by the business already existing on the Instagram platform. Influencers are basically people who review and blog about products and services that they use in their daily lives. Generally, they have a huge fan following that can be instantly available to your business if you create a partnership with the influencer.

However, you need to select the best influencers who deal with products and services that match your business in order to make this strategy a success. Otherwise, the promotion might look forced rather than organic or natural.

A dependable influencer can bring your company’s sales to a whole other level through increased return on investment and access to demographics that you wouldn't normally reach. If you use a well-known influencer, then they can spread the word of your company or product to millions of followers with just a few posts.


6. The wise use of hashtags

The reason why hashtags are crucial for business in 2020 is that hashtags are an ingenious method of targeting content or posts towards the right customer niche. Instagram marketing centres around the proper use of hashtags to a large extent. Social media promotion campaigns on platforms like Instagram have the end goal of increasing organic reach and drawing in the customers from the selected market segment.

If you’re a new brand on Instagram, it might not make sense at first to spend so much time selecting the right hashtags but it is crucial to do so in order to gain a unique identity and stand apart from the crowd of similar brands such as yours. Hashtags are essentially keywords that summarize what your post is saying.

So keep selecting the right hashtags and light up your promotional campaign on Instagram and who knows when your hashtags might become viral and convert to popular pop culture.


7. Instagram offers major engagement and organic reach opportunities

Sometimes the best thing your brand needs is simply the wild spread of knowledge about its unique products and services. The best thing for any business is a simple organic reach without the help of promoted ads or pushy posts that tend to irritate customers at times.

With Instagram, you have the unique opportunity of letting people transparently view your items and services and also get a wide range of feedback about your targeted niche and the success with respect to your product performance.

This is a very good opportunity that any business can utilize by simply engaging with their viewers and visitors on social media. The more likes and comments you get, the more visible your company becomes. And this is the ultimate goal for any brand promotion campaign. You can get more likes by taking high-quality photos, using local hashtags and partnering with other brands or influencers who speak about the products that they have used and nudge their followers to try out the same.

Other than these 7 reasons, there are a number of other reasons too why you should focus your business and branding efforts on Instagram in the year 2020. Combined with the statistics of the internet penetration in countries and the rising number of Instagram daily, it is an opportunity that might be classified as an unlimited source of PR generation where you can easily project the best brand image and draw in new customers.

Hopefully, you can take the tips you learned here and use them to start building your Instagram presence. Thank you all for reading!

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