7 Signs Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Jul 5, 2017 1:58:17 PM / by Nithya Omprakash

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Have you been regularly posting on social media and feverishly monitoring your posts but perplexed to see no engagement? If your posts are failing to drive traffic to your site, it unfortunately and invariably means that your social media marketing strategy is failing. Are there any tell-tale signs that you should watch out for that will warn you early on and save your valuable time and efforts. Here are 7 signs that you should keep your eyes open for:

  1. No activity on your posts
    social media marketing - no activities
    You might be making a significant number of posts per week, but look out for the kind of responses they are generating. If you have a decent number of existing followers but if they are either not seeing the posts or don't find the posts interesting enough to share or comment on them, then it is time to reevaluate your social media marketing strategy.
    Resolution- It is possible that your posts lack the relevant content necessary to excite your current and prospective customers. Check the content and the images being used in the posts. You could also use hashtags # to tie your post to trending news and articles. However, avoid the tendency to overuse and fill your post with it. It can kill your post.
  1. Your followers have not increased in sometime
    social media followers
    If your number of followers have not increased in sometime, it is a definite sign of a strategic flaw. If you have a good strategy in place, your followers must grow. It's that directly proportional.
    Resolution- Check the frequency of your posts. You shouldn't be overenthusiastic about making posts but don't undermine the power of posting every once in a while. Your customers need to keep seeing you without being overdosed by you.
  1. There is no increase in traffic
    social media marketing traffic
    If your social media page/company website does not show increase in traffic irrespective of how regularly you post or doesn't show up in organic search results, it is to be understood that you marketing campaigns are not bearing the desired results.
    Resolution- Evaluate the type of campaigns you are running. Restructure them for your targeted audience. Check if you are using the right platforms that your customers frequent. Also, sometimes, in the excitement of measuring the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, you might be overshooting the time required for the campaigns to show results. Ideally, two months is a good time for social media marketing strategies to make the difference.
  1. High bounce off rate
    social media bounce rate

    A good way to find out if your social media campaigns are working is by seeing how much time your users spend on your campaigns/ blogs. Typically, anything less than two minutes in case of a blog post and less than a minute in case of an email is a sign of alarm.
    Resolution- It's possible that your campaign objectives are not defined and definitive. Customers get confused by such posts. Your campaigns should be specific and should either be informing, educating or convincing your customers to take an action.
  1. Your conversion rates are poor
    social media conversion

    Are users looking at your campaign cursorily? If your campaigns are not resulting in conversions and are not giving you the desire outcomes in terms of what you want your customers to do after reading your posts/announcements, then your social media strategy should be redefined.
    Resolution- It's possible that there is a need to optimize your blog posts and your website. Or maybe the post content is not persuasive enough and does not create the need for your product or service. Also, check if you the posts are reaching your intended audience. All of this could be the reasons for poor conversion rates.
  1. Your offers and deals are not creating enough excitement
    social media offers
    You might have designed valuable deals for your customers but what use is it if they are not taken. There is obviously nothing you can really do if there is a global slump in sales in the industry that you cater to but if your competitors are doing reasonably well, then you have reasons to rethink your marketing strategy.
    Resolution- Check the type of posts you have been making. Customers lose interest if they continuously see you promoting your product or website. Offer value added information to your customers through your posts. By doing so, you will come across as truly interested in the well-being of your customers.
  1. No loyal brand of followers
    social media loyal brand of followers

    Social media is a great place to build and sustain brand loyalty. Brand credibility and trust spreads through users, and strongly reflects through increase in followers and conversions. If your followers do not give you references, do not offer constructive feedback for improvement and have less faith in your ability to fix issues, you know you don't have a loyal brand of followers to rely on.
    Resolution- Instill trust in your customers through your posts. Write in a conversational tone while keep it professional. Ask your customers for product improvement feedback. Give them the feel that you value their opinion.

The number of followers may not be the exact measure of your social media marketing success, it is still a close enough indication. Social media marketing requires investment in time and effort. While there is nothing better than promoting your own company, you might not always have the time or technical knowhow to get the desired results. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to consult a digital marketing expert who will guide you with your social media marketing strategy planning and implementation.

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