7 Things Holding Your Business Back From Content Marketing

May 31, 2017 3:42:38 PM / by Belmond Victor

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Content is driving businesses, now, more than ever; and there is an immense opportunity for an online marketing company today. However, many organizations are having trouble adapting to the change and are holding back on how they deal with the increasing need for content creation. Here are a few things that may be holding your business back from content marketing.

Right kind of content: It is very important that the right kind of content is used with your audiences. It is vital for the content to be both engaging and informative. This means the content that is provided is not just clear but must also have structure, meaning, and relevance to your reader. This can be scary for businesses.

Different kind of content: Different platforms and contents require different kinds of content generation. For instance, the same amount of information you possibly give to a blog is probably not the same as the one you would share on SMS marketing; read Smart ways to optimize SMS marketing for some tips on making your SMS campaigns interesting. Similarly, using an infographic in a text-only SMS not only is pointless; it annoys its receiver who wants to access it.

Consistent content and messaging: The content is really important; but what more vital is that the messaging is consistent on all platforms. If you are trying to run a campaign about an offer you are running, all the platforms must carry the same messaging about your campaign; failing which you could lose your customer. Additionally, make your updates consistent. Making information inflow consistent will give customers better recall on you and your product. But this takes time and lots of thought.

Measuring return on investment on content: People often wonder how to measure the effectiveness of content marketing. Apart from the fact that you can see the number of views and leads generated with each of your content pieces; there are tools like Google Analytics that can gauge how effective your campaign is, and gives you the ability to go back and tweak your messaging and compare the difference.

Insecurities regarding content generation: It is always important to remember that your content doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be consistent, engaging, and interactive. Many organizations, however, fear the need for awesome content, and therefore, refrain from it. There is also the negativity of “who will actually read this”. Organizations sometimes feel that creating and generating content is really hard and stay away from it. Also, organizations fear that by providing too much content, they might give away too much information; however, remember that the more you are open with your customer the better trust they have in you.

Not engaging with your audiences: Sometimes, organizations feel that once the first piece of information is sent out, their job is done. But little do they know that it is just the beginning. Content marketing should help educate their clients, answer their questions, and keep conversations going. This also helps the sales team promote your product as they do not have to reinvent the wheel. As described in Digital marketing lessons that will spark success engaging with the audiences are of vital importance.

Tracking and analyzing content:  Sometimes, people find it difficult to see the performance of content. However, measuring content’s effectiveness is an important aspect of content management. To revisit content, see what kind of views it is getting and how to improve this. This means attention to detail as far as progress and a keen understanding of what works and does not. This will require tracking and analysis of the content, which could be daunting if you are new to it; but will certainly take you and your organization a long way.

Finally, there are many reasons why an organization holds back from this new-age advantage of content marketing. But a good enough reason amongst many is that any content market agency in Dubai and around the world is realizing that this actually improves the organic search engine traffic. Focusing on content marketing will ensure your presence online without having to invest in SEO. So, take the plunge and invest in that content creation instead. To take your first step towards content marketing in UAE

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