Actionable Items To Achieve Digital Goals For A Newbie E-commerce

Mar 8, 2018 4:52:00 PM / by Venkateswaran

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Running an e-commerce website efficiently by keeping up with all KPI’s and goals is not easy. When you are busy taking care of marketing, customer service, and other operations, it is easy to ignore the little things which can affect the sales on the site. Here are few pointers to keep up with your e-commerce goals.

Driving sales is the ultimate goal of any E-commerce site. You want more and more customers to buy online from your website and improve your revenue. Achieving this is a not a day’s task or a person’s job. But some of the simple, and basic steps which most of the newbie e-commerce sites take years to figure out can improve sales and brand image in overnight.

9 actionable items to achieve digital goals for a newbie E-commerce

Give Priority to Visibility & Usability
‘Keeping up appearances’ is very important to create a positive image of the website. Today’s online audience visit hundreds of websites from international to local. A little bit of drabness of your site can put off your visitor. Give priority to your e-commerce website design and keep up with the industry trends.

Use Descriptive Titles
In e-commerce site product title becomes the webpage title. A webpage title has a lot of significance in search engines. Always, use descriptive titles for the product. The color, use or quantity whatever the main description of the product, add it to the title. A descriptive title is nothing but a long tail keyword, which has a potential to drive real sales to the site.

Show customer presence on the webpage
Reviews, ratings, social media shares testify the usage of the web page or product. The absence of all these elements can demotivate your visitor from buying the product. Don’t wait for the customer to come back and give feedback and rating instead ask them for review and ratings and social shares. This whole process can be simplified using a marketing automation tools.

Add Informative Images and Videos
Nothing can grab your visitor’s attention like photos and videos. A single picture of the product might not be enough to make a buying decision. Add different angle, different color background, size comparison images. The little details can go a long way to convince your visitor to make a purchase decision. So does video. Videos can also improve average time spent on the site.

Add Trust Signals on the Website
People are becoming aware of the online hacking and theft and the consequences of it on them. Nobody wants to do a transaction on a non-secure site. Get your site protected and put those security badges on the bottom of the site, in the footer. It should be visible to every visitor on every webpage. Research cites e-commerce site with security badges drive more sales compared to others.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Commerce
UAE has 99% internet users among them 62% are online shoppers, and 47% of them have used smartphones to shop online. The numbers talk loudly about why it’s mandatory to make your e-commerce website mobile friendly.

Help People to Navigate
Nothing can disappoint a visitor like the lack of navigation to reach the right product. A lot of clicks filters and navigation can detour your visitor to your competitor’s site. Give links to most viewed products, high selling, and discount products, etc. Let the visitor know the variety available at your site to shop. Try upselling; it’s the new trend in e-commerce which is giving serious profits.

Create Content
If you are a niche e-commerce website, then the content can help you in generating sales. Create products guides, videos and product usability content which can help the audience to understand the product and make a purchase. The sales journey starts at awareness, and if your website can be there with your visitor from awareness to transaction, then you have won a loyal customer forever.

Make use of Social Media
Paid or non-paid social media can contribute to your e-commerce site in various ways. It can drive traffic, and it can generate sales too. Choose a social media platform, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where you have a broader audience and connect with them meaningfully or else drive sales directly from them using paid ads.

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