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Mar 27, 2017 3:16:19 PM / by Mubarak Basha

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Machines have etched themselves into every corner of our life. Such degree of conquering is because of that ‘extra special’ feature our gadgets and gizmos are coming loaded with called the 'AI' aka Artificial Intelligence.

American Computer Scientist, John McCarthy, the first man to use the term ‘AI’, defines it as ‘a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans’? in 1956.

6 decades later, in a keynote presentation at Inbound 2016. Co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot, a marketing software company, substantiated this definition in the new-age context. Along with reaffirming the impact of AI on businesses worldwide, they also announced that AI has truly come of age, and called 2017 ‘the year of bots’. AI will now convert client-customer interaction into a machine-human conversation and the biggest Digital Marketing Trend.

How AI is converting an entire generation?

Hasn’t AI sneaked its way into our networks and head space a little too seamlessly? It is everywhere and in everything, browsing your iPhone or just Netflix and chilling, AI’s got its eye on you! Given this digital surge, it comes as no surprise that marketing masterminds of our generation were in the first flock of converts. Google’s got their AI to manufacture an entire video game in a day’s time as well as read lips, while Tesla’s AI can drive its own car. This goes to prove that the once fictitious sci-fi movie fixture – the ‘AI’ has now become a stark reality. CMOs and CIOs of multinationals are quickly cashing in too. Those who once believed in conducting marketing with their heart and as an art, now trust analytics, data and the number game. This is how AI roots itself, it promises to decipher these fiddly data into an intelligible format so that these marketers can have one up and be absolutely market-ready.

Why AI should be a part of your Online marketing strategy?

Online marketing companies and bigwigs like Google, Microsoft, Facebook have joined the bandwagon, already integrating AI in the capacity of an intellectual toolkit. Motive being – instant customer connection, a clear forecast of market needs, solve new-age challenges, provide personalised and even customised services in many a case. The new AI wave will automate the multifaceted process of Online marketing strategy, relinquishing the need for constant human monitoring. Which, in turn, would reduce the chance of error introduction and seamless translation of marketing ideas in tangible actions. And, that will help boost marketing and sales by considerable notches.

How to integrate AI into your marketing blueprint?

As companies gear up to ride the AI wave, Weber Shandwick with KRC research conducted a survey among consumers of five major world markets titled Al-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come! To understand preparedness and fill the cracks, if any. The results revealed that almost 7 out of 10 CMOs and CIOs plan to integrate AI into their immediate marketing plan. So, to equip these master players to strategize their marketing AI - effectively, there are few guidelines that he found could help them get a head-start and sustain. Read on to take notes:

Educate and expand: Though excited about its prospects, most people in reality only know of AI as a Sci-fi character. Marketers, therefore, should be careful in planning to educate their consumer, without confusing them. Start with smart packaging. CMOs should don the key role of being the educator and become an expert first.

Stay in tune: Companies need to keep a close eye on consumer’s usage pattern. This can be done through media monitoring or direct interaction. Keep abreast with what the consumer wants and how he is accepting the new AI offer that you have made. This understanding will be your key to a successful AI marketing campaign.

Think local – Don’t copy paste AI plans, instead, be attentive of regional behaviour and consumption patterns, and accordingly draft your plan. This will help in establishing a trust bond with your consumers.

Silence the critics – Stress on the positives, both, to your consumers and your own resources back at the workplace. With the market, full of negativity claiming AI to be intrusive and fierce, gear up to accentuate the advantages. Having said that, be ready with a damage-control strategy as well.

Be responsible – The best way to ward off negativity is to make sure you invest in responsible and legitimate AI practices. Vow to never cross the lines of privacy. To ensure this, you can join hands with fellow AI marketers in a pledge to guard your consumers.

The way ahead

The AI uprising is fast becoming a new-age revolution! Looks like Halligan and Shah’s prophesy for this year is, after all, coming true. So, if you are a marketer trying to make it in a world full of consumers and competitors, buckle up and get AI-ready!


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