Are Retail Brands In Dubai Ready For Augmented Reality?

Sep 21, 2017 9:36:12 AM / by Venkateswaran

augmented reality for retail brands

AR (Augmented Reality) has become a familiar term nowadays ever since PokemonGo was launched in July 2016. It is now used in a myriad of industries worldwide. AR unlike VR (Virtual Reality) does not obstruct the view of the surroundings, but augments the real world with videos, images, graphics and texts. This is what lends to its wide-scale applicability, especially in the retail industry.

AR has found a strong foothold in the ecommerce industry just like how VR has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

Picture this Scenario

You are at home and in the mood to shop for your favorite clothing. There is no need for you to drive down to the nearest mall and wait for the sales person to walk you through the latest trends in fashion. So, you get comfortable on your couch and reach for a wearable device. With just a touch of a button, the device scans your body's exact measurements. Then you wear a AR headset and instantly, you find yourself in a store that houses all the brands and designer labels you love – with just about everything your size!

But wait, you always tag a friend along for company and invite your bestie who is located elsewhere to share the shopping experience with you. With specific voice commands, you browse for different pieces of clothing. You scan the rail and your eyes are immediately drawn to an attractive black dress. It appears on your avatar and you catch yourself in the dressing room showing it off, with no dressing or undressing needed.  Then you feel the fabric by touching the device's screen. You turn your head over to your closet to see if that jacket you bought last month matches the dress. It does and you love the new look. So just like that, you buy it, no cards or cash required and in a couple of hours, a drone delivers the package to your doorstep.

What if we told you, that all this technology involved in this particular shopping episode exists today and this scenario may not be as far off to become a reality. Is your retail brand ready for the future? Are you willing to dive deep and undertake ecommerce development for your website?

vr retail

Augmented Reality and the future of Dubai's E-Commerce businesses

From changing shopping experiences, reinventing visualization, improving retail products to engaging consumers, leading retail brands in Dubai have already started to integrate augmented reality solutions into their ecommerce web design as part of their business strategy. New Look, UAE's leading fashion retailer has connected with its digital-savvy teen audience by launching an AR campaign. This encouraged users to scan their New Look Student card to reveal special offers and interactive features. With built-in social integration, shoppers were able to take pictures of themselves using an interactive screen in the photo booth, which then can be sent to their smartphones and shared via various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. New Look wanted to improve the shopping experience and make it more fun and interactive for teens and millennials.

angelxrobots advertising campaign

(The AR photo booth designed to promote New Look’s AngelsxRobots advertising campaign)

AR does not exclude reality but rather includes it. This could be vital for bringing mixed reality to consumers. VR offers an immersive world that leaves reality far behind. AR on the other hand, allows both worlds to coexist, which appeals more to people who feel that they are spending too much time in front of a screen and not interacting enough with friends and loved ones.

With augmented reality, retail brands in Dubai will benefit, by saving time, money and other resources through visualization. Consumers and avid shoppers will also appreciate the convenience of an infinite, screen less interface and the freedom to collaborate across different geographic locations, all from the comfort of their own home. They can modify searches like how it's done on the internet, compare various brands, customize products on their avatar and pay through a secure device. This can all be done with the company of friends or loved ones living anywhere in the world.

In Dubai, the E-commerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is predicted to be the world's top retail market sector because of sheer demand and volume. Marketers are definitely going to find innovative ways to target consumers, with augmented reality cruising to the forefront of business strategies.

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Written by Venkateswaran