Checklists To Be Followed While Finding The Right SEO Company

Sep 16, 2016 12:07:18 PM / by Fazill

SEO company checklistsBig Promises and big claims are synonymous with SEO agencies. Try Googling in “tips to choose the right SEO agency”, you will be surprised to observe an infinite number of suggestions and recommendations. Identifying which is the best and trustworthy recommendation has become a daunting task.

To overcome this difficult exercise, we have come out with a 6-point checklist after rounds of analysis, research, and consultation with world’s best minds in the field of SEO.

Below are the six checklists you should consider whilst looking to align with an SEO agency.

Checklist # 1: - Potential to rank a website

Many SEO agencies whom you consult with will only provide the list of successful clients. They never tend to divulge information about the clients for whom they couldn’t deliver their expectations. Hence, while gauging their potential, it is better you seek them to furnish the results of clients whomever they have worked with, as this could enable you to infer about the success ratio.

Find out their own website, and how it ranks. If it ranks in the top position of search rankings, then it is a good sign. Given the intense competition in search rankings and the complexity involved in reaching top position in search rankings, it is better advised to decipher the true potential of an SEO agency.

Ask them for case studies of their successful clients.

Checklist # 2: - Ability to ensure long-term rankings

To find out this, puzzle the SEO agency on the techniques they adopt to rank the website. Ensure that the SEO agency adopts ethical SEO techniques in ranking the website instead of sticking on to unethical SEO practices. Long-term rankings can be guaranteed only by SEO agencies that deploy/follow SEO techniques recommended by search engines. Don’t trust agencies that assure quicker results in SEO. It can no ways be achieved. SEO is generally a long-term process and the success can’t be achieved overnight.

Checklist # 3: - Potential to target the right pick of keywords

To get a clear picture on this, identify the list of keywords that they have targeted for the clients. Figure out the relevancy to the clients’ business. Get to know the nature of keyword as in whether they are highly competitive, non-brand, and of least or high value. Perhaps, it’s easy to get ranked for brand keywords, and keywords with low competition.

Indeed, you can give them a task to analyze your business and come up with the prospective list of keywords. If they really come up with some highly valuable keywords, then definitely you can give them a try.

Checklist # 4: - Tools deployed for measuring the success ratio

The objective of SEO is to drive more traffic to the website, enhance the brand visibility, and to acquire more leads. How to measure whether all these objectives are met? It is possible only through proper metrics measurement tool. It is advised to align with an SEO agency that is strong in metrics measurement using the right tool. Get a first-hand briefing on the analytics tool that they will be using to measure the success of all SEO efforts.

Checklist # 5: - Ask for References

Are you going to believe whatever the client says? No, you shouldn’t. Ask for references from the client, because that job that you are going to outsource isn’t a simple one. Expertise is very much needed. How to identify if the SEO agency whom you are in consultation with carries the necessary expertise? It is by talking to the clients whom they have worked in the past. Look out for an SEO agency that has worked with clients from the same industry as like yours.

Let’s presume that you are a hardware retailer. Scout for SEO agencies that have an exemplary track record of having worked with hardware retailers. In this way, you can narrow down your hunt and zero in on the right SEO agency.

Checklist #6: - Hold multiple consultations

Never arrive at an inference at the end of first-level consultation, even though you are impressed with their work and pricing. Buy some time to let know your decision. In the meantime, speak to other prospective SEO agencies, get their pricing and do a comparison study. Now by this time around, the very first agency whom who you have consulted with would have studied your business and come out with an elaborate proposal.

Talk to our experts to discover more about the techniques involved in successful SEO practices.

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