Common Online Marketing Challenges And Effective Ways To Overcome Them

Nov 22, 2017 1:38:47 PM / by Fazill

Online Marketing Agency DubaiAre you worried that your business’s online marketing strategies and efforts aren’t producing the results your expected?

Online marketing can be an overwhelming concept to learn and master, especially for SMBs. Business owners associate with the bigwigs in the industry, hear their success stories and try to implement it for themselves. However, most marketers are not aware on how to position their product or service in the digital space.

90% of SMBs don’t have a plan or strategy in place to get their business going in the right direction. It’s just like driving a car, because you can never reach your destination unless you know where you are going.

It can get frustrating for you if your marketing efforts fizzle out, in a stormy digital space. But there are ways to identify and fix problems by putting in some time and effort. You can hire a leading online marketing agency to come up with a proper strategy and help you execute it. Listed below are some common online marketing challenges and effective tactics to help work through and overcome them.

Spreading your online presence too thin

In today’s digital age, it is mandatory for a company or business to be visible on every social media platform that is available on the internet. You need to consider where your target audiences are most active and take into consideration what you are marketing. For e.g., if your business sells décor items and furniture, you can flaunt your products on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to gain visibility. If you sell products or services to other companies, LinkedIn will be your best bet.

Bombarding too many ads

Posting ads extensively on your social media pages will overwhelm your customers and become “spam” in the long run. Set aside some time to plan and craft content that will acquire maximum engagement and interactions among followers. If you sell suitcases, offer travel tips or ways to pack your suitcase for maximum storage. If you are targeting a specific region or city, publish interesting tidbits that bursts of local flavor. For e.g., talk about any sporting events, the weather, sponsoring a charity, etc. to get responses.

Settling for lukewarm content

It’s all about keeping your website updated with content that is optimized with relevant SEO keywords. There’s no point investing time and resources to develop a website and keep outdated information in there. This is such turn-off for people who are always on the lookout for something new and interesting. Include readers, bloggers by posting questions that will evoke answers and suggestions. This way, you will get to know your customers and tailor offers based on their needs and interests.

Generating traffic but low sales

It’s important to start evaluating your goals and fine-tuning your marketing efforts if you have a huge customer base or online following. For e.g., if you want bloggers to sign up for your email newsletter, make it simple and easy for them to do. Keep the sign-in box displayed in a visible area and mention the newsletter in your posts. If you want followers to try out your product or visit your store, conduct campaigns, contests and free giveaways. This will help grow your following and bring people to your bricks and mortar location.

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