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May 4, 2017 4:53:24 PM / by Mubarak Basha

digital marketing lessons

No, hide and seek. Here, everything is transparent, tangible and happens in absolute 'real-time'. Unlike its old-school counterpart, with digital marketing, you get golden chances. Chances to rectify, tweak, change and recharge a marketing strategy that flaking. You can do so at any given time, and for however many times you want. Earlier, once an ad was out in the market, in the form of a massive billboard or minute-long audio-visual playoff, there was no way to change it. But, today, marketers have that unparalleled luxury. Thanks to the wonder of digital marketing.

This advantage that made digital marketing a boon. The era of social media and online interaction has arrived. Businesses that have already taken their initiatives online, can no longer just sit around and let their one-time initiative bear results. To stay ahead of the games, one needs to innovate, constantly. Being part of one of the leading digital marketing agencies from UAE, I have experienced various breaking edge concepts and practices that can help you come up with winning digital marketing strategy:

  1. Be authentic – You can't fool the customer. Be one hundred percent authentic. No hypes and no false claims. We are at a crossroads where the consumer has started questioning the authenticity of celebrity endorsements too. So, be smart, while advertising or marketing online, be authentic, be original. People will appreciate genuine efforts only. It will enhance brand stickiness.
  2. Be perpetually present – Let the actions your online campaign sparks encourage offline actions as well. Bridge the gap between online and offline interactions. Interlink the two for the sake of the brand as well as your consumer. Let your digital marketing content invoke the sense of offline interaction and lead your consumers to engage in offline/physical interaction with your business.
  3. Be pro influencers – These days digital marketing is all about weaving your strategies around influencer marketing. One of the biggest digital marketing trend this year, this new aspect has gained mass popularity by global businesses. Digital marketing agencies that have started prioritizing influencers have already started to reap revenue and growth.
  4. Be extensively social – Rule the sphere of social media. Be present and plan exclusive campaigns for popular social mediums. Identify your consumer social media behavior and tailor-make strategies accordingly. Volume is key. Constantly innovate and keep posting new content, ever so frequently. Be quirky, think out-of-the-box and keep it fresh. Such posts will establish a connection with prospective customers and keep the regulars coming back for more.
  5. Be present, always: Nothing builds relationships like trust. And, nothing builds trust happens like open and constant communication. So, stay available. Keep the channels of communication open. When a consumer sends queries, responds immediately or at least acknowledge the receipt of the query. Studies have shown that consumers stay loyal and flock to responsive brands. Communicate online, and keep channels of communication off-site open too.
  6. Be attentive: don't generate random content. Pick a subject of consumer interest and create posts based on that. Observe what your consumers like and join with them in voicing their opinion or celebrating their enthusiasm. Choose mediums like Twitter to instantly connect with hoards of followers and get connected. Don't clog the feeds with random brand promotions. Instead, resonate with your audience by picking a cause that they believe in and crusade with them.

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