Digital Marketing Trend Alerts for 2017

Mar 13, 2017 5:09:03 PM / by Fazill

digital marketing trends 2017

First, it was the picturesque deserts and balmy beaches, then came the fascinating concrete jungles that housed some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, then from tallest man-made structures to today becoming the business epicentre of the world, mesmerising Dubai's journey to becoming a global force has always fascinated me. The city alongside its flourishing markets has always welcomed international bigwigs into their business circle with an unmatched panache.

Dubai - This is where the business is!

Being a participant and having studied Dubai's business behaviour from close quarters, I have come to realise that the reason this races ahead of its counterpart is its ability to embrace change with an open heart. For example: When the world converted to 'digitalism', Dubai readily joined hands too. Trendy as always, in its journey towards exponential growth, It's business connoisseurs kept up with the global trend - 'Digital Marketing'.

2017: Dubai's year of giving and digital boom!

Nothing is nobler than giving someone the gift of knowledge. And, in the year 2017, lessons digital know-how is that knowledge! With the whole world wanting to be a part of this elite business circle, Dubai has become the hub for digital marketing services. With business booming, digital trends are evolving. So, if anyone who wants to be a part, here are the latest trends from the digital marketing horizons you must know of:

  • Trend alert #1 - Digital brand revolution - social media is the best platform to understand your consumer's needs and priorities. With such transparent knowledge, available to businesses, this year will witness a revolution in the product Businesses will become more aware of what their target audience needs. Tailor-made services and relevant product recommendation are going to be the biggest selling point for all digital marketers.
  • Trend alert #2 - Instant is the new 'Normal' - with apps like Snapchat, Instagram weaving its way into our lives, the customer is slowly becoming programmed to expect ‘instant’ results. So, in 2017, services have to be instant, so would communication and feedback. Click-of-a-button has never been more real.
  • Trend alert #3 - Mobile becomes a must - Alongside the brand revolution, the market will witness electronic revolution as well. People are moving to small-sized screens in tandem. Apart from portability, the reason for this shift is the increase in daily dependency and inclusion of technology in our lives. In 2017, mobile devices are slated to be a shopper's best friend. So, make sure you get ready to go 'mobile'.
  • Trend alert #4 - Videos and visuals rule - While content marketing picks up steady phase, popularity and usage of videos and images have skyrocketed in the last year. Here on, new visual mediums will captivate the market and lure customers. Business forecasts predict that videos and images will soon be the go-to mode to share and gather information. Visual story-telling and live updates will be commonplace platform for such transactions.
  • Trend alert #5 - More faith in social influencers - People will pick who they want to listen and learn from. Influencers or experts who have better knowledge about the services and product will drive consumer's decision. Rather than believing what the ad says, consumers will look for reviews, power-packed information and well-written guides from experts.

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Written by Fazill