Essential Elements Of An Effective Ecommerce Website

Nov 20, 2017 1:33:44 PM / by Balamurugan

Ecommerce WebdesignThe perceived image of your business and the first interface between the seller and customer is your e-commerce website. This essentially means that an e-commerce website is the channel customers utilize to buy products and register for services online. An e-commerce website that is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and pique’s your customer’s interest will definitely be successful in driving sales. If you want to increase brand awareness, attract and engage customers to keep coming back to your online store, then you need to create an e-commerce website that is innovative and user-friendly. It’s important to possess a few essential elements to make your website efficient and effective. Without that, you will be losing out on sales opportunities and profitability.

Read on to learn more about incorporating some essential elements to ensure your e-commerce website generates leads and sales.

Use descriptive titles for products/services

Give a creative title to your product or service that will appeal to customers. It should be unique and descriptive, so that it stands out from competitors who are offering similar items. This helps customers find your products/services online over your competitors and boost your website’s SEO and search engine rankings.

Write detailed product/service descriptions

Labelling the product/service is one thing but crafting out a detailed description is quite another. Informative descriptions that are brief and to the point will help customers learn about the product/service and ultimately persuade them to buy it when they realize the unique qualities offered. It should not be too long but should be detailed enough to highlight all the important qualities that makes the product/service unique. This important element should be utilized to incorporate effective SEO keywords that will make finding your product/service easily as they rank high in search engines.

Get creative with your CTA

The Call To Action (CTA) button is the most vital element in your website. A good CTA will direct customers to take a desired action, thereby leading to improved lead generation and increased conversion rates. Create CTA buttons with a prominent design and a catchy text that will coerce customers to click it. Place it in strategic locations and make it easily viewable and accessible on mobiles also. Utilizing CTAs will allow you to achieve customers to take action when they are happy with the product/service your website offers. Think creatively and strategically when designing and implementing CTAs to help achieve your sales objective

List out testimonials and reviews

To help in the decision-making process, every e-commerce website will state that their products and services are the best so that customers get convinced to make a purchase. Listing out testimonials and reviews are essential to help gain trust and credibility. According to Search Engine Land, 9 out of 10 customers will read online testimonials or reviews to determine the quality of a business. Sometimes, having very few reviews or testimonials will make customers hesitate to take the next step. To resolve this problem, you can send out an email asking for customers to share their valuable feedback about the product/service they are investing in. This ensures your review and testimonial section is full as customers feel that feedback requests are part of the buying process and will not hesitate to share their comments or suggestions.

Integrate social media

Social media is an important digital marketing service that every company or business utilizes to stay on top in the world wide web. It is also an essential component for e-commerce websites to be successful. You can add social media icons in strategic places that make them appealing to click. It should be visible enough to catch the viewer’s attention without overwhelming other elements in the webpage. Gaining likes and follows on social media platform is proof enough that your website is good. This leads to increased purchases and traffic to your website which helps in overall profitability.  

Display cost savings 

Everyone likes to save money, period. To encourage customers to make a purchase decision, you display offers and discounts next to products, just to show how much they will be saving on costs. This not only compels them indirectly to desire the product/service but also excites them enough to tell their friends and loved ones about your e-commerce website.

Showcase videos

Seeing is definitely believing.  You can add interesting videos that describe your products and services that will intrigue customers to visit your website. A visual touch is definitely needed to make purchase decisions. Conversion rates can increase by 80% if customers watch videos online. 64% of viewers are also more likely to buy that particular product/service. These videos will help customers gain a better understanding of how the product looks and also get additional information about its functionality.  

A great e-commerce website plays a pivotal role in taking a viewer from just browsing and turn them into a customer by actually adding products to shopping carts. Product marketing has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to digital marketing companies. Here is an interesting read on The Secrets Only Experts Know About Digital Marketing to give you a glimpse into the world of digital marketing and what it can do for your business.

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