Event Management Made Effortless With Bulk SMS

Oct 26, 2017 2:39:40 PM / by Belmond Victor

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When organizing events, it requires effective two-way communication for every step of the way to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right people at the right time; a requirement that is easily met with a lucrative tool that has been around for decades – SMS. Event planners love using SMS, simply because it is efficient, quick, reliable, customizable and flexible.

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How can Bulk SMS make things seamless and simple?

There are so many different elements that must come together to make an event a success. In the midst of a busy schedule, even the slightest miscommunication can take away valuable time. This is where bulk text messaging will come to the rescue and allows the entire team of planners to start an open line of communication with just a few SMS messages. It encourages everyone to be proactive and keep a close eye on things to make sure it’s on track. Here a few important benefits of hiring a bulk SMS service provider to help facilitate events in a seamless manner.

SMS drives attendance

Attendees are not usually the best when it comes to time management. Event planners have to make sure that attendees don’t get sidetracked by sending multiple reminders. Instead of sending out emails or making numerous calls, a SMS can be sent as a reminder to confirm their attendance. It can be sent at least 24 hours in advance to reduce non-attendance. Once potential attendees have confirmed their participation, SMS messages can be sent out with useful information about the event. For e.g., the SMS could detail the agenda of the event, or provide directions to the event location through maps that is easily clickable from the text message. Post the event, SMS messages can be sent out to the attendees thanking them for their participation and also requesting for feedback. After building up a contact list of attendees, personalized text messages can be sent inviting them for the next event. A visual element can also be added to pique interest and curiosity.

SMS keeps managing staff informed

When an event is organized, the planners and the staff members should be ready to face any kind of situation. Bulk text messaging can be used to communicate with the managing staff prior to the event, informing them of their schedules, dress code, location and duration. This creates a fast and effective two-way communication channel that is useful even during emergencies or change in schedules. It is easy to forget something in the heat of the moment. That’s why SMS messages should be made available to ensure that the staff don’t miss any deadlines. They will be able to respond on time, if in case they are unable to fulfill their duties.

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The Australian Securities Exchange run events in cities like London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore every year. They use the services of a bulk SMS service provider to send out reminders to keynote speakers in order to communicate with their guests quickly and efficiently. They also send out group SMS reminders to attendees ensuring that they don’t miss out on assigned sessions.

Utilizing bulk SMS services can help increase attendance, coordinate with staff members and keep all attendees informed of any updates or changes during the event. This cost-effective and reliable tool will improve the communication levels and management of your staff and attendees at your event.

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