Everything you must know about optimising your eCommerce website

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Everything you must know about optimizing your eCommerce website

If you have a business in this day and age, you must see the necessity of promoting your business online. For that, you need to have an e-commerce website. If you do not know what an e-commerce website is, then the formal definition is a website through which people can transact goods and services on behalf of monitory payment. Though it sounds simple, creating an e-commerce website takes a lot of technical knowledge. In majority of the cases if you are not a software developer or trained in eCommerce development, then you would require services of other developers to make your website successful. But before talking about the eCommerce development service, first, understand which features should your ecommerce website have which would make it successful. 

8 features every ecommerce website should have

While setting up online-store, the following features are deemed essential to make that store a success. They are:

Visible business logo

Always try to place your logo for your business in a position in the header, where it is visible to every user. The logo must be placed near the left. The logo of the company is what assures your customer that they are in the right place.

An accessible Wishlist

Several times when customers browse through your website, they like some items very much but could not buy them then and there. So, to make that product accessible to them, you must have a Wishlist on your website. A Wishlist is a cart where one places all the products they like and can access them any time they want. In this way, your customer will not miss out on that product and can buy them any other time.

Search bar

When your customers visit your website, they hate to navigate your products through the options placed on your website. If you add a search tab on the site, they can find the products they desire at a much faster pace. Try to incorporate the search tab at the top of the website where everyone could see easily.

Incentivising loyal program

If you want to acquire more customers or retain the old customers, try to incorporate loyalty programs in your website. By providing them with incentives in the form of reward points or reference discount, you will be able to make your online store very popular.

Explicit mention of the FAQ, shipping information, store locator, order tracking, exchanges and returns, etc.

The pages mentioned above are very crucial for you and your customers. Place the links of these pages at the footer of the website so that they can easily avail any information they like. Mention the name of the pages clearly so that they do not have to search furthermore.

Visible phone number

Though life runs a lot smoother by communicating online, still the majority of your customers would prefer talking through the phone to your customer care if they face any difficulty with their order. Always mention the contact number right at the top of your website to assure them that you are there for them.

Active Live Chat

Most of your competitors already have this option in their respective websites. Live Chat is very trendy these days. But while implementing this feature, you would require an excellent eCommerce development service. A live chat gives the user to talk to your customer care representative directly without having to speak to them on the phone.

Correct pricing information

Always offer the users the exact price of a product, including taxes, do not hide the actual cost from them and then disclose that at the time of payment. Also, if you are having a sale on your website, mention the offers and discounts besides the image of the respective product. Make the purchase and discount offer the highlight of your website.

The above features were some of the features which are essential in your website. But there are so many more features that must be adequately implicated by eCommerce development. For that, you will require a company which specialises in this field. But how will you choose the right company for you. Do not worry; read more to find out.

Why do you need a developer for developing your eCommerce website?

If you want to make a website successful, you need to make the website user-friendly and impeccable in all fields. There are more features relating to the design and technical aspect of your website, which you have to take into account. For that, you have to hire a website developer or a developer who specialises in eCommerce websites. 

Should you choose a freelance web developer or a company that develops eCommerce websites?

A question which arises in the mind of new business owners is that, who should they choose to develop their online website for their business. There are two options- freelancer web developers or eCommerce website development company. It depends on the size and capability of your business. If you provide services or sell products on a small scale, you should go with a freelancer in that case. A freelancer will charge less and can develop your website within a few weeks. But if you are a large organisation and want to venture into the ecommerce sector, always go with a reputed company. Since your workload is enormous and your budget is also high, give the responsibility to a company and be free of all the hassles of hiring a freelancer. There is another option available. You can hire web developers in your office and pay him for the work he does after the completion of the project. 

Things to look out for while choosing the right eCommerce development company for you

In order to make your website highly accessible to your users, your website must be easy to use and have the features mentioned above implicated impeccably. A company which develops ecommerce website will be capable of doing the job. But to make your website perfect, you must choose the said company very carefully. You should look out for the following points while selecting the company. The points are:

Portfolio of the company

Before hiring them, you must do thorough research on the company. To do that you must go through the portfolio of the company. Their portfolio will tell you the exact kind of projects they did before, which in turn will give you the ideas about the type of software or technologies they use. If the projects they accomplished are similar to yours, then consider that eCommerce development company for your website.

Experience in the field

Always try to contact a company which has immense experience in the field of eCommerce development. Since the work of developing an online website is such a difficult task to perform, the experience can come in handy. More they work in the field of ecommerce, they will gather knowledge. User Interface, Web Design and development are some of the things which these companies need to be an expert. 

The process of development

The development process is very crucial in maintaining the relationship between you and the company. A good company for the development of ecommerce website should be able to offer a clear strategy of the accomplishment of your project. This is recommended because in that way you will get to know the step-by-step process of the competition of the phases which implemented in the given time. You must make sure that each implementation is done within the given time, and you get the final product timely. With advancing technology, make sure the company is using the latest techniques and trends to develop your website.

Communication between the two parties

Always choose the proper mode of communication between you and the company to take things further. You can use Project Management Tools, or any other video conferencing platform to instigate an appropriate conversation. Do not forget to ask the right questions and raise doubts if you are not comfortable with any of the process. 

Pricing and payment

This point is one of the crucial aspects while looking for the right company. Before finalising a company to develop your website, discuss your budget in details. Make sure they are no hidden clauses, agreements or any 3rd party changes. These things will exceed your budget a lot. Use a policy, terms and condition sheet while finalising the deal between you and the said company.

If you are serious to make your website useful and accessible, do not hurry while choosing the company. Visit at least three companies, before selecting the one. 

Ecommerce websites have evolved rapidly in the past couple of years. Now, only having a website for your business is not enough; the website should be user-friendly and trustworthy for your customers in every way possible. If the online store of your business is not up to the mark, you are going to lose customers left and right. But incorporating the right features and hiring the right company to do the job, you will have no problem in gaining new customers or sustaining old customers for your business. 


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