Google has confirmed it, now you will see all Search results on one page

Apr 17, 2018 12:47:18 PM / by Fazill

Google Search Update

After a series of testing and refining its new feature addition in the form of a ‘more results’ button, Google recently confirmed much anticipated more results button on its search results page. Does this mean that Search Engine Optimization will have less importance after this update goes live? only time will tell, but for sure pages ranking on 11th for their respective keyword query are going to be the happiest lot.

In a recent communication by Google from its PR handle @searchliaison it was announced that Google has launched ‘More results’ button on mobile search results to make search easier and faster. From now on, instead of clicking on next button for more results to load on a new page, you can just click on more results for new results to load in the same page.

 Google Updated

 As per a recent twitter from Danny Sullivan of Google he has confirmed that testing on More results button has been live and running for the past few days. He also mentioned that this feature was first tested in December last year, where it was calibrated and verified in limited search results.  

Another communication from the same handle categorically mentioned that the more results button will be visible for searchers made using Google app for iOS & Android or major mobile web browsers other than Chrome for iOS. Although it said that support for Chrome for iOS will make to the stage soon. Pertaining to ads, organic results will be loaded first and then the relevant ads underneath them.

What impact can ‘More Results’ button have on Search Engine results?

It is too early to say what impact this new feature can have on search engine results and SEO in particular. Although it’s a matter of time to exactly know the repercussions, but certain things are very clear as to what the outcomes would be – some of them include

1. Importance of ranking within the multiples of 10 would fade away as there wouldn’t be much difference between ranking in position 10 and 11 as there would be no additional action to be taken by the visitor to more to the next page, like it did when results were spread across multiple pages.

2. Due to point a, rigorous investments on SEO activities might see a dip, at least until what the exact output of this feature would be for a period of time.

3. There is also a possibility of people losing out on references to their searches. Since there are no pages, it would be difficult for searchers to identify where exactly they are for there are no reference-points accept for the first search result.

Although many are writing about it, we noticed hardly any feedback on this communication by Google on their twitter handle. Even the best of search engine experts look to avoid the repercussions of this major feature addition. Using this feature more and more would be the answer to what it really has to offer to its users. Until then it’s just a wait and watch play from the gallery.

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