Google releases a series of updates for Adwords: Here’s everything you should know

Mar 9, 2018 1:04:00 PM / by Fazill

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Everyone loves Google. The platform has a significant influence in regards to individuals’ personal and professional lives. Google is such a powerhouse, and the popularity it gains has led to the creation of a quality product in Google AdWords. AdWords is an advertising platform. The advertisements that appear on the top or the side of the screen when one is surfing are the AdWords ads. These advertisements belong to companies that pay to Google so that the relative products can gain popularity among the prospective customers. The company releases regular updates with precise features with the intent to meet different customers’ needs.

Since mid-2017, AdWords have had regular updates that include newer features meant to solve a specific problem. At the end of March 2017, AdWords got Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 integrations. Optimization enables the advertisers to create landing pages for specific campaigns. The Google Surveys 360 is significant since Google has approximately 10 million respondents. The marketers can relate to the feedback from the clients about their products from a target survey feature that is made possible by the new update.

In October 2017, the team came up with the AdWords Scripts. The new capabilities that are in the Google Interface are vital in helping one to see up to 500 script logs per page and the feature can also filter the scripts by date. Usually, Google shows ten of them by default, but this new option is particularly significant for heavy script users. The filtering process can also be by the name or the creator. The feature allows the user to add a script to the account and can even get the precise time the script will run.

The AdWords Editor came about November of the same year. Although the update incorporates several new features, the crucial factor is the budget of the marketer. The update supports asset-based ads in Gmail, the option to choose the total campaign budget for the video campaigns, and also there is an update on the customs rules for snippet extensions and non-serving campaigns. The marketer can also monitor the location of their possible target market for their commodities. The promotion extensions which were a challenge to the AdWords users have also been brought to light as AdWords Editor supports this feature. The inclusion of new languages such as Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu also allow room for diversity in the manner that many customers can have access to the products on offer by different marketers. It also widens the market for the marketers.

AdWords Express is another vital service by the global corporation into the market. The launch came to pass late last year as the company was winding up its financial year. The significant aspect of this product is that it caters to the small businesses which are often left out of the picture whereas they comprise the most significant portion of the firms in the world. The platform adds support in a unique approach to calls to the business. There are two types of call notifications in the new update. A call comes through a search and end where consequentially the advertiser gets a notification on their phone. The question that pops up requires a simple answer; yes, no or not sure. The other form of the call includes situations where the advertiser is busy with more than one thing. The advertiser replies with ACICall Back’ option to get in contact with the caller.

Now into 2018 and the high-tech company is still on the grind to provide their worldwide consumers with the better user experience. AdWords Keyword Planner is the latest version in the year 2018. The new Keywords Planner intends to ease the work of the user as it condenses the multiple options and links into two options. “Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords” is one of the options but in this new version, users can view the changes in the performance metrics of their bids of the slider in the charts. It also illustrates the performance impact. “Find new keywords” demonstrates the monthly search volumes. The new version tops this with the mobile search volume which was not available in the previous version. The progress by Google in this area has been immense. The efforts thereof show that Google is not here to compete, instead to dominate.

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