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Phone is the easiest and most effective way of reaching out to your customers. Since individual calling can get expensive, bulk SMSing particularly in Dubai is a more cost effective and efficient way of staying in touch with your customers. Bulk SMS is especially helpful if you wish to keep your customers informed about product updates, announcements and new launches.

Bulk SMS engages modern technology and can be used with little human intervention. That makes it quite efficient. A server using Application Programming Interface (API), or a desktop using Web SMS interface can be used to send bulk SMS.

API vs Web SMS

Available as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or HTTPS (HTTP secure), an API connects a website or application with an SMS gateway. SMS gateways are telecommunication channels that are used for sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS).

Web browsers facilitate Web SMS services. Web SMS users prefer to receive 'long numbers' which are essentially the phone numbers of end users instead of using the 'short code' option; the latter being more expensive as well.

Whichever the interface, bulk SMS gateway service is highly specialized and much in demand, and comes with tools to facilitate tracking statuses and generating reports.

The delivery rate of bulk SMS depends on several factors but most importantly on the protocol used by the bulk SMS gateway provider.


Short message peer-to-peer or SMPP is the most reliable way of sending bulk messages. It typically uses the mobile carrier's network to transmit the messages to phones. Simply put, it uses the same technology that we use to send messages from one phone to the other; which is why it is also more expensive that SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

SMTP is used for sending emails and can also be used to send text messages, though it is not specifically meant for this purpose. However, while relaying a text message through SMTP, there is no guarantee of the delivery of the message or how it would show up on the customer's phone. And while there are stats to track the bulk SMS, there is no way to tell for sure if the SMS was delivered in the form it was intended to. This is also precisely the reason why bulk SMS gateway providers using the SMTP protocol are much cheaper than the ones using SMPP. SMPP is costlier because it pays to use the mobile carrier’s network for each SMS that is send using it.

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