How real estate agents can dominate with social media and increase sales?

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Social media dominates technology today and it has become a part of everyday life. People are genuinely interested in what others are up to and are engaged with what’s going on in the world with an ever-increasing news spread. Social media has become a prime source of information for people to stay updated with changing times and trends.

A few *statistics to help you realize the impact of social media marketing:

  1. 3 billion people are active on some form of social media. That is close to half of the world’s population.

  2. 500 million people across the world use Instagram every day.

  3. 368 billion people use Facebook through their desktop, and 1.57 billion people use the app every day.

  4. 2 million Pinterest users save Shopping Pins on Boards every day.

  5. 500 million people are active LinkedIn users. 187 million people use Snapchat every day.

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If you take the above statistics into consideration, it is but natural for people to look for these mediums to help them in looking for a home, or an agent who will help them buy or sell one. Hence, for any real estate agent or business, it is crucial for social media to be a prime focus while marketing.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to dive in to technology to be successful with social media marketing for real estate. Read on to find out a few tips and tricks that will help you dominate social media for your real estate business and have you selling in no time.

Know that your online presence is your brand presence

Sporting an individual brand identity for your real estate business or for yourself as an agent is crucial to stand out from all the competition. Social media enables you to create an exclusive brand image and helps your customers recognize your brand. Building a brand voice, while being authentic with a twist will help your customers trust you or your service, thereby making you stand out from your competition.

An example of this could be as simple as a post with customer testimonials appreciating your effort to find them a home. This will help customers know that other people trust you and your service, and that you are good at what you do by delivering what you promised.

Be consistent

Successful social media marketing for any business requires consistency. All audience in all platforms need to be informed and/or entertained. If you post only once a week on social media, people are likely to follow agents or brands who regularly communicate or provide information to them. In the consumer’s mind, if you post at least once a day instead of once in two weeks, you are successful and busy. Make some time and find a news article related to real estate agent trends, post a local listing that you’re selling, an inspiring quote, or simple a photo of what you had for lunch. Do this in all mediums to show potential customers that you’re an active real estate agent who is willing to be transparent, trustworthy, and fun!

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Social media is a two-way street. Anything that you post must allow your visitors to respond or comment and should be encouraged to communicate with you or your brand. Ensuring that you respond to their comments or opinions is crucial too. A simple thank you or a quick reply to a query can go a long way. Irrespective of whether they might do business with you, following what your followers do, commenting on their posts, liking/sharing them, and so on, will also show your customers that you’re not interested only in business, and that you actually care about people and want them to find a secure place. A quick like, birthday wish or a comment helps your customers effectively recall your service/brand.

Post things other than real estate

Know that not everyone like see listings all the time. While its crucial to post about listings, reviews, sold properties, and so on, people will want to know more about you. Trust is built from scratch, and in order for your potential customers to trust you, they need to know you. For your customers, buying and selling properties is usually a big thing, and they will want to know if you’re trustworthy. A post about your family, pets, a beautiful sunset you witnessed while on vacation, or a funky tie you decided to wear to work today will do the job of letting people know that you are a person first, a real estate agent next.

Apart from these four essential things that you must consider when you go social, here are a few more pointers on how you can effectively create an impact with your social media presence.

  1. Have a complete profile -- Make sure all your profiles in all platforms is complete with all the information you want to give away to potential customers. This should ideally include your brand, expertise, and links to take the visitor to your own website with listings. You can also always link the content that you post on other platforms.

  2. Think beyond Facebook -- We’ve already covered the number of active users on all platforms across the world in the beginning of this article. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook alone. Try to channelize content based on different mediums and link the content to other platforms.

  3. Blog more -- Frequent updates to your blog will keep the content fresh, proven to be good if you want your brand on top of the Google Search list, and builds loyalty among customers when they are updated. The blogging platform is open for you to play since not all real estate agents blog often.

  4. Create premium content -- Content that establishes you as an expert brand is crucial to make you stand apart from the crowd. Premium content also has higher chances of traction when it is different from the usual clutter. It could be anything from a guide to buy anew home, a checklist to find a good real estate agent or home inspection. You can use social media to give followers the link to this content, and when they want to read it, ask them for basic information like an email address or permission to call them.  

Unlike traditional mediums, social media is more engaging, interactive and entertaining for real estate agents to take advantage of. Leverage the power of social media to attract more customers, and to be seen not only as a successful, but trustworthy real estate agent. And, remember not to operate blind. Be specific of the content you put on each platform and use them to communicate with potential customers with different messaging that will get you what you’re after.

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