How SEO Companies Are Solving The Biggest Crisis In Dubai

Jul 14, 2017 5:16:26 PM / by Fazill

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Dubai and in extension the whole of UAE is known for its construction, petroleum and recently the tourism industry. The products from across these industries are high end. Naturally, the clientele for such niche products and services are also difficult to find and please. Several companies from across these industries compete with each other to win customers. And it gets even tougher when the demand is exceeded by the supply.


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Having moved from a trade-based oil-reliant economy to a service and tourism-oriented one, UAE has come a long way in property development. There are hundreds of large scale projects that are under construction at any point in time in Dubai. While it is great for the UAE economy, at an individual company level, it does get difficult to attract customers. This is exactly where being available online comes handy.

Every construction company in Dubai irrespective of its size is online these days. SEO company in Dubai help construction companies to brand and promote their business, as well as their new ventures for sale. An SEO company can help in building a construction website from scratch and ensure that organic, and sponsored results in search engines are made visible to prospective customers interested in buying property in Dubai. Many construction companies are already using and benefiting from the services of SEO agencies. The internet has the power to make a company available across the world. Property buyers from different continents are now able to buy luxury homes in UAE, thanks to SEO.


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In the last few years, Dubai has been aggressively promoted as a tourism destination. It is the Las Vegas for the Middle East and Asian countries (sans the gambling of course). It hosts one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world; not to forget that the Dubai Mall is one of the biggest malls in the world. People visit UAE for its iconic constructions - the Burj Khalifa, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Emirates Palace, gold souk, etc. This has led to a natural increase in the number of travel agency companies in UAE. The biggest challenge faced by travel agencies in UAE is about making prospective customers aware of their existence.

Since most travelers who book from UAE travel agencies are from outside the country, the organization’s online reach is of paramount importance. SEO companies in Dubai help travel agencies in increasing visibility across their core market. They help in running promotions and offers to attract more customers, thereby finally adding to the revenue.

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