How SMS Messaging Service Improves Customer Affinity Of Jewelry Brands

Jul 17, 2017 2:21:47 PM / by Belmond Victor

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Selling jewelry has never been easy. There are several factors at play including market inflation and customer spending capacity. Buying jewelry is a well-thought out decision for most since it involves a considerable amount of financial expenditure. Naturally, an enormous amount of effort is required by jewelry brand owners to encourage buyers to invest in jewelry.

Jewelry brands are heavily dependent on customer affinity as well as customer loyalty. Customer affinity is typically defined as the emotional relationship of a customer to a brand which cannot be easily shaken; as against customer loyalty which sways easily if the customer gets his hands on a cheaper product or a better deal somewhere else. Customer interaction is an integral part of building customer affinity particularly in the case of jewelry brands.

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One of the most effective ways of building customer affinity in jewelry brands is by implementing interactive SMS messaging service.

As a part of the marketing initiative, a good way of building brand affinity is to reward buyers for their purchases. Most jewelry buyers are women; the rewards whether in cash or as gifts, should be creating keeping the primary purchaser/beneficiary in mind.

SMS is still considered the best way of reaching out to customers because of its high open rate. Using short code interactive SMS service, it is possible to communicate and get response from customers. The service could be used to inform customers of a new range of exclusive jewelry which is being launched at the store, about an event or a party hosted to honor the customers, or even an invitation to a raffle draw, and other such events that help in enabling the customers to connect with the brand. It helps customers interact with the brand and empowers jewelers with customer database as well as knowledge of customer likes, and interests.

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There has been a lot of research in the area of jewelry brands and customer affinity. One of the case studies involved a raffle draw conducted by Alukkas Jewelers where the customers had to manually fill out their basic personal details like name, gender etc. to enter the draw. Since it is quite a cumbersome manual process with a significant chance of duplicate entries, interactive SMS service was introduced. The customers were asked to enter the draw by SMSing a keyword (the options were provided to the customer) and asked to reply to a particular short code number (also provided to them). This was an alternative through which the customers participated in the lucky draw. The purchase invoice number was used as authentication.

The campaign was a runway success. The jewelry brand was also able to collate a large database of customers through this campaign. The database was later used to run other similar SMS campaigns wherein customers were gifted with reward vouchers by the brand.

It is interesting how SMS services can be used in several ways to create customer affinity. To know how you can leverage SMS service for your business,

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