How to ace SMS Marketing and let your business boom

Mar 8, 2018 12:06:00 PM / by Belmond Victor

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As an entrepreneur running a business, you are constantly thinking up new ways to promote and advertise yourself. The number of advertising outlets that have evolved in the modern age are innumerous and very highly effective in the age of the internet. But we must not forget the more traditional forms of marketing, that is SMS marketing.

The fact is that today every one has a mobile. From the young to the old, everyone walks around with a phone in their hand, ready consumers of your ads that will reach them through a variety of online mediums. Though every single mobile user may or may not have an active internet connection, it is 100% assured that every mobile user has texting capabilities on their phones and can receive texts.

On a general note, SMS marketing is something that is frowned upon as people are pretty picky about giving their numbers away due to the fear of getting bombarded with hordes of marketing messages.

So how do you ace SMS marketing and gain visibility through effective SMS marketing? Here are a few helpful pointers on SMS marketing:

  1. Keep your messages short and crisp

Over 90% of SMS’s are read within the first 3 minutes. These messages are either opened and deleted, or are read through to see the value of the message. Make sure the text you send out is short, crisp and to the point, delivering a high value message to your customer and instigating the need for action.

  1. Include enticing offers and incentives

Simple and easy. Grab your readers attention with offers, discounts and coupons on furnishing a certain code in their SMS. Make them want to retain your message and visit your store/business to avail the special offer mentioned in your SMS.

  1. Clear call to action

Don’t beat around the bush. The two driving factors of a good SMS are the keyword and the short code. Make sure that you make the action expected out of the reader as clear as can be. For instance, if you expect the reader to message a certain coupon code for a discount, make sure this part is highlighted well in your message.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

Always ensure that your message has an expiration date included on offers being promoted to create a sense of urgency among your readers.

  1. Time your messages

When sending out messages, timing plays a crucial role. Always ensure to send out messages when the reader is most likely to be free, which is either during lunch hours or after work. By rule, do not send out any messages before and after 9.

  1. Personalize your messages

Try to address your customers by name or include a line that indicates that the SMS is only meant for exclusive users. There is nothing more attention grabbing than an SMS that is exclusively addressed to you.

As it is with any type of marketing, SMS marketing too needs constant attention and interaction to be effective. Don’t over badger your customers with too many SMS’s, but at the same time keep the interaction active with relevant and enticing messages reminding your customers of your existence.

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