How To Get Your World Tour Sponsored Through Digital Marketing

Jul 12, 2017 3:45:51 PM / by Mubarak Basha

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Wouldn't it be great to travel the world without spending a penny of your own and even get paid for it? Digital marketing has made it possible for vacationers to have their trips sponsored by organizations.

In fact, there are companies who pay a monthly salary for touring the world for them as well as writing on their behalf. Companies who typically benefit from vacationers are mostly from the tourism and hospitality industry. Hotels, airlines, amusement and theme parks, restaurants, event planners and cruise lines are constantly in need for people who can travel for them and spread the word online. Organizations also connect with digital marketing agencies who provide exclusive photography, writing and review services to them. An entire industry is now been built on this premise.

Holiday goers and vacationers are more than happy to oblige. They don't mind doing a little work for companies that sponsor their trips.  The 'work' - often is to simply click pictures and write reviews across various online marketing platforms. The reviews are also posted on exclusive travel review sites like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor. Reviewers are incentivized when the likes, shares and followers on the post hit a certain number.

It is also possible that your trip might not get outright sponsorship. It happens particularly if you are a newbie in the travel posting space. In such a case, you should still take the trip because there is a good chance that you will recover the money spent on your holiday. You just need to start planning right.

Depending on your skills, you could choose to become a travel blogger, travel photographer, a travel video expert or a travel writer. There is a clause though - you must have a sizable number of social media follower/fan base before you can expect to make your money back, since making money online is dependent on the number of clicks that you get on your posts (amongst other factors.) Similar is the case with posts on Instagram or YouTube - where people are followed because they have created a fan base based on their personalities. So, the key to making money online through your pictures and reviews is to first accumulate a good number of followers.

If photography interests you, travel photography is the way to go. Travel photography includes but is not limited to landscape, history, people, culture and customs. The National Geographic magazine is a good starting reference point to understand and learn techniques of travel photography. Your other investment would be to get a good DSLR camera for long range photography. Stock photography makes a substantial amount of money for travel photographers.

Travel blogging and writing is the most common way of making money for travelers. And becoming a travel blogger is fairly simple. All you need is a computer/laptop with good internet connection, some quiet space and a flair for writing. Then again, for a first-time travel blogger, you will first have to discover your target audience and build a brand before it starts to give you monetary returns. The other option is to become a travel writer. It requires more time and effort but it is worth it, particularly if your book become a bestseller.

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