How to Grow Social Media Audience in 2018

Mar 8, 2018 10:43:00 AM / by Mubarak Basha

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Creating social media presence and gaining the new audience is an inevitable aspect of today’s marketing. Though, social media is a complex channel it has changed and simplified the way brands understand its audience. For a marketer with right strategies, possibilities with social media are seamless.

Social media is evolving rapidly. However, it’s users are adapting to these changes cheerfully. Brands, chasing, both the social media and audience have no option left now but buck up to these changes to remain relevant and grow the audience.

Social media users have gone up by 121 million in the last quarter for the year 2017. Across all geography, the interest in social media is noteworthy. Even 80% of the Middle East population uses social networking sites daily. Waiting for these audiences to discover you is an old marketing approach when you can reach out to your audience in the nick of time.

Digital marketing and social media industry experts have already come out with predictions for social media for the year started. Here are tips on how to make use of these predictions to grow your brand’s audience for the year 2018.

Tips to Grow Your Social Media Audience Effectively

Create Engaging Content Like Videos

Videos are in more demand than written content. It’s easy to understand, naturally appealing and it’s the future of content marketing. Investing in videos is the way for businesses to attract a new audience and keep the loyal audience stick with the brand.

Take Advantage of Live Videos

Live streaming has a touch of curiosity. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube have the live streaming facility. The social media audience wants to know more about the brand and the face behind the brand. Live streaming attracts more people and gives a cost-effective word of mouth promotion. Creating live videos shouldn’t cost a bomb. Even a small business owner can go live and talk to the audience and gain trust.

Diversify. Social Media is Becoming Expensive

The buzz word is ‘Facebook ads are becoming costlier day by day.’ As channels are trying to monetize efficiently, and the audiences are in ever demand it is inevitable that the cost of social media is going to rise proportionately over the years.

Meanwhile, businesses and start-ups are looking for cheap alternative ways to market the brand. Try to experiment with new social media channels, keep up-to-date with new developments and utilize every new trick learned in your marketing. Diversify. Don’t bet heavily on a single channel.

Connect with Your Audience for REAL

The social media platforms are hand in gloves with business and brands to generate revenues. But the audience is the core of any social media platform and for any channel, keeping them happy is the ultimate priority.

The recent Facebook announcement on the news-feed that posts from family and friends will get even higher priority over posts generated from businesses pages and ads has made brands and marketer worry about their social media strategies for the year. Try to connect with your audience for real and initiate genuine conversations instead of using automated tools to post and fill up your audience page with galore of promotional feeds.

Be the Pioneer in Testing

Social Media has a constant demand to innovate. They will never let the marketer settle down with one single marketing strategy for the year. Your marketing strategy should innovate continuously to keep up with the technology.

Facebook is making impressive progress at augmented and virtual reality. LinkedIn has added video option to all personal accounts, and they are planning to roll out video ads too. Finally, Snapchat integrated live video in its newly redesigned interface.

Innovation is the way to survival. Even brands can take advantage of this social media innovation by being the pioneer in testing these innovations. You can quickly get a lot of eyeballs by being a pioneer in testing.

Create Everyday Brand Ambassadors

The audience wants to hear stories of the brands. A real story, without much editing and polishing. Very example of this is the stories circulated on LinkedIn. They get a lot of shares likes, and comments and audience devour this kind of short stories.

Creating such stories is not hard. As a matter fact every person, every business and every brand undergoes a lot of trials, and these success stories can be re-told on social media platform in the form of live video, a quick post, a tweet, etc.

B2B can take advantage of this technique to enhance brand presence on the favourite b2b Platform-LinkedIn. Create employee and customer ambassadors. But keep a strategy ready for negative publicity too.

Make Use of the Features Fully

Take advantage of the platform in every possible way. List down all the features of a social media channel and make use of them. You can boost product reviews, customer reviews on Facebook, tweeting carefully crafted blog images is possible, hashtags on Instagram can make a difference- the list is never-ending. Every social media platform offers plenty of features, make use every single of it to promote your brand.

Utilizing social media platform and growing audience is a creative task. Every brand should create a unique strategy depending on the audience demographics and personas. So, what strategy your business has in mind to grow the audience this year?

Now that we know social media is for all the generations, it is important to boom your business by marketing through social media. To get the best of social media marketing,


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