How to Improve Google AdWords Account Health Score for Search?

May 2, 2018 12:25:14 PM / by Nithya Omprakash


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Did you know that Google released a feature for Google AdWords accounts called ‘Account Health Score for Search’? Yes, it did. Let us check what this parameter is all about, its significance and how you can improve your Account Health Score for Search.

So the primary question is what is “Account Health Score” for Search all about? This is basically a tool that analyses your Google AdWords account and rates it based on how well you have configured the account for search ad campaigns. Higher the rank, better it is. This grading is in the range between 0 - 100% and higher the number better are your campaigns for conversion and cost per conversion performance, be it for lead generation or sales.

The best part is that this tool gives you a ready-made checklist to enhance your Account Health Score for search, while you are either starting a new Google AdWords campaign or optimizing a current one. Along with the checklist, also expect a comprehensive set of recommendations and suggestions to raise the level of your configured campaigns for better performance score.

In the subsequent sections, you shall read more in detail how this factor actually works and how the recommendations can be implemented to your Google AdWords account to achieve high performing campaigns.

How to gain access to Account Health Score for your Google AdWords account?

To view your Google AdWords accounts’ Account Health Score for Search, navigate to your dashboard and click on Opportunities tab to view your score. You shall also see the set of recommendations and suggestions to improve on this score in this space.

Note: Account Health Score for Search doesn’t measure/grade for your Dynamic Search Ads.

In the Recommendations page, you will be displayed on your Google AdWords account’s Account Health Score for each of the campaigns that you have created. Furthermore, you can review recommendations provided for each of these campaigns. In each of these recommendations, you are provided with an approximation of benefits and gain in your score that you can expect provided the suggestions are adapted to the fullest. The best part is that most of these suggestions can be put in place just by a single click, while some may take additional few steps. 

To optimize your campaigns further, run them and check back your score and adopt the new set of recommendations. Fine-tuning your campaigns is more of a game than a task with this new tool.

What kinds of recommendations can you expect?

Some of the key categories of recommendations that you can expect in your Account Health Score window include –

  1. Ads and Ad groups – Some of the key suggestions/recommendations related to Ads and Ad groups to enhance Account Health Score include -
    • Usage of optimized ad rotation for higher CTR and conversions
    • Inclusion of site links, callouts and call extensions to structure your ads better
    • Creation of new ads and ad groups for better A/B testing and targeting
    • Addition of new keywords to ad groups for better reach-out and scaling
  1. Keywords, reach and targetting - Some of the key suggestions/recommendations related to keywords, reach and targetting to enhance Account Health Score include –
  • Run ads on Google search’s partners – To extend reach on other related platforms
  • Addition of negative keywords – To enhance ROI by weeding out ads for unwanted keywords
  • Set conversion tracking and improve mobile responsiveness of the website, and more.
  1. Bids and Budget
  • Efficient bidding for higher conversions
  • Set a non-limited budget for normalization of ROI on the positive side. Data really matters!
  • Usage of estimated first-page bids to show ads on the first page

How to apply Account Health Score recommendations?

Click on Get Started link on the recommendations page. Select a campaign that you want to work on. Choose a recommendation and follow what Google wants you to follow.  Please note that you will not be able to view Account Health Score for search on your Google AdWords account if, your account is incomplete w.r.t. billing information or doesn’t have any campaigns. Also, if your campaigns haven’t received any traffic yet, do not expect this score to be visible. The best of all, you will not see any recommendations if your campaigns are perfectly in alignment with what Google want to tell you.


It's just a matter of time that AdWords geeks would be able to thoroughly test and grade this factor to check if it’s any good. On the outlook, it looks like it is!

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