How to improve the quality score of your PPC campaign

Aug 28, 2019 3:44:00 PM / by Mari Muthu

how to improve the quality score of your ppc campaign

If you want a successful PPC campaign, it is important to have a good understanding of quality score as it has got an enormous influence over the cost and effectiveness of the campaigns.

It is more of like a credit score. Just like having a good credit score is mandatory for qualifying for a loan, similarly having a good Google quality score can affect how your PPC ads perform and how much you will be paying for each click.

What is the quality score?

Quality score is a Google rating which is used to measure the quality and relevance of your keywords. It determines the CPC (cost per click) which is multiplied by your maximum bid to determine the ad rank.

Quality score is based on several factors. Namely:

  • Click-through rate
  • Relevance of keyword
  • Quality of the landing page
  • Ad text relevance
  • Historical Adwords account performance

Among all these factors, the click-through rate if the most important component.

 It is a strong indication to Google that your ads' are relevant and the users are finding it useful. And

accordingly, your ad ranking increases along with a lower cost.

What benefits does the Google quality score offer?

Having a better quality score can come as an added advantage for PPC accounts. By optimizing your quality score, you can have:

  • Higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Lower cost per conversion

If you are not getting the desired results for your PPC campaign, then it is the quality score to blame.


Let's look into some of the tips which will help you improve your PPC campaign:

  • Narrowing down the Ad groups:

Focusing on how you are creating your ad group is very important when it comes to PPC campaigning.

The biggest mistake that any new PPC marketers can make is to create a single ad group and stuff all the keywords into it.

Even though it looks fine but the problem with this approach is that it fails to create the highly relevant keyword+ ad group+ landing page combinations which is quite helpful for search engines.

No matter how structured the ad group may look, but it becomes impossible to make the content relevant to all the keywords at the same time.

Instead try to create ad groups which focus on one main keyword, with few other related ones to capture additional traffic.

For example, say you are running a tourism information site and set up a single ad group which contains all of your target keywords, from “best places to visit” to “traveling modes” to “what will be traveling expenses” and so on.

Instead, you can create a single ad group that focuses only around the keyword “best places to visit”, with a few other keywords which will give a brief description of different locations which will allow you to create specific ad text and landing page content. The same can be done for other keywords.

  • Separate landing page for each ad group:

Once you have prepared your new list of keywords, next you need to create specific landing pages for the different groups.

Creating different landing pages might seem like a hurdle in the beginning, but in the long run, it will not only improve the overall quality score but will also make your landing page content much more relevant and interesting for the targeted customers.

  • Adding ad text into your landing pages:

When working on your ad-group specific landing pages, try to incorporate specific language used in your ad text along with the keywords you are targeting.

People become very specific while clicking through sites, even if it’s just risking wasted time. But once seeing the specific elements that drew them to your site in the first place repeated on the landing pages will help to reassure them that they are on the right website.

  • Including misspelled keywords:

It is not always the correct and standard keywords that can help you in your PPC campaigns; sometimes it is the misspelled keyword which can attract targeted customers.

Misspelled keywords can be a strong strategy in PPC advertising campaigns, but you should be careful while adding them into the ad groups.

Adding them with the ad groups which consists of correctly spelled words can lead to low content relevancy thus hampering your overall quality score.

If you plan to add misspelled keywords, make sure to separate them into separate ad groups.

  • Lookout for better and improved keywords:

Being an active PPC advertiser, you should never stop the search for new and valuable keyword to bid on.

Bidding on the right keyword can help you improve the performance of your PPC campaign.

  • Better landing page experience:

Landing page experience for users becomes crucial when it comes to improving quality score.

Keywords and ad copy text should be shown in the first content a visitor will see while landing on your page.

The content should be clear, focused, engaging and to the point, so that the customers get a clear idea of what they are going through.

Your landing page should be able to fulfill the exact need of what the customers were looking for in the search query.

The desired action should be obvious, which may be to make a purchase, complete a form, or call your management team. Look for what will work best for you.

  • Click through rate:

Expected click-through rates are also considered while assigning quality scores.

Keywords with a strong CTR becomes eligible for good quality scores, which makes focusing on improving CTR a key area when optimizing quality score.

You can target your keywords by bidding first on exact and phrase match keywords before targeting to broad match.

You can get added control by using broad match modifiers while will ensure that your ads are not triggered due to unqualified search queries.

The best place to start is to have a strong keyword targeting. And those who already have a strong keyword list can focus on ad copywriting.

  • Dynamic keyword search:

Quality score is all about how relevant your content is and this can be done by inserting the keywords which your target customers searched for into your ad.

A dynamic keyword search can help you achieve this.

It is an advanced feature which is a great approach for increasing ad click-through rates and improving the overall quality score.

Based on users searched keyword, Adwords places your triggered ad group keywords in the ad text which makes your ad more relevant and useful for customers.

Although incorporating the codes of dynamic keyword insertion into your ads and managing the different outputs will take time but if you are struggling with your quality score, then it’s worth a shot.

  • Split testing of advertisements:

Split testing is a tool which can be used to guide website decisions. It becomes an absolute must when it comes to PPC advertising.

Receiving ineffective and poorly targeted clicks can risk all your invested money in PPC advertising. And split testing is the only thing that can prevent wasting money on bad clicks.

The most important thing to test in your PPC account is the different versions of the text ads.

You should have two adoptions running, experimenting with different headlines, text messages and display URLs for every ad group.

Make sure to set the ads to rotate evenly for the split test to work properly.

  • Creating compelling PPC ads:

The first impression has always been the last impression to make. And in case of PPC campaigning, it is the ad copy.

Ad copy is the first point of contact you can have with the potential customers.

Creating compelling and distinctive ad copy can attract more and more potential customers.

The first point of focus is heading. It is important to create attention-grabbing headlines as most people who are browsing online are looking at the headline. So try to make your headline a little enticing.

You should also focus on making your ads specific and relevant. Try not to beat around the bush. Be concise and get the point. And avoid using irrelevant words and include only those contents which will add value to your product or service.

Focus on the unique selling point and include a strong call-to-action. A good CTA will show the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.


Quality score is a measure of relevance, and improving your quality score includes better structuring of your PPC advertising campaigns into small and organized keywords which are tightly knighted into groups.

A high-quality score is Google way of praising your efforts and saying that your PPC ad is meeting the demands of the customers.

With better keyword research and organization the quality and specificity of the ads and website content will also increase, allowing you to reach the exact target customer.

Optimizing quality score may seem daunting in the beginning, but making the discussed changes can have a major impact on the overall performance thus improving results.

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