How to use WeChat to market real estate to the Chinese

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Real Estate is an extremely promising and lucrative market in China. Many companies try to enter this market but fail, owing to the lack of understanding of this how this complex market works. China is a very specific market that requires a special outlook. Read more about how to market to a Chinese audience in our previous blog.

Most businesses looking to sell real estate in China know that social media is an essential tool. However, many of them stumble since they do not understand the platforms that are in vogue in China. While it’s a good practice to be present on traditional real estate and social media platforms, this wouldn’t suffice in the case of China.

WeChat is the obvious social media of choice for most marketers in China. Although far from being an alternative to Facebook or Whatsapp, WeChat works great for marketing real estate to the Chinese.

Firstly, Why WeChat?

WeChat is the most popular social media platform in China, fast on the way to dethrone other e-commerce giants. You can do all you want on WeChat - chat, share content and pictures, live stream, surf online shops, buy and pay. The multifunctional offerings are incredible, making it a one-stop shop, useful for both consumers as well as businesses.

WeChat is trusted and recognised by everyone as a quality platform. It allows businesses to showcase their offerings, access new markets and build a relationship with consumers.

On your journey to marketing real estate to the Chinese, WeChat will be a powerful partner that can develop your presence, bring you recognition and connect you with consumers in China.

Marketing Real Estate to the Chinese using WeChat:

As a platform, WeChat is a mobile-only app and has a completely different structure, that might require some getting-used-to. Here are some pointers that you are sure to find useful in your WeChat journey:

  1. Set up a WeChat account:

Anyone in the world can have a Personal account on WeChat, so this type of account is easy to set up. It is often used by individual real estate agents. An Official account, on the other hand, helps you to promote your brand and offerings. Any WeChat user can become a follower of an Official account and receive push notifications. Official accounts are of three types: Enterprise, Subscription and Service, of which, only Subscription and Service accounts are used for marketing.
To get started on WeChat, you need to gain followers. This can be done in two ways - by capturing mobile phone numbers (which will automatically be imported into your account) and hitting “Add” upon clicking the “New Friends” button at the top of your Contacts menu; as well as by discovering other WeChat users nearby using the Friend Radar function.

  1. Use it as a platform for communicating:

The primary feature of WeChat is that it is an instant messaging app, allowing you to communicate with your contacts. Most real estate agents have websites that are quite impersonal, only containing information about properties available for sale. Customers can seldom speak with the real estate agent on their website.

With WeChat, it’s quite the opposite – Customers can follow your company profile and speak to you, ask questions and request more information. This gives you the opportunity to access different customers and create a personal contact with them. When potential customers are able to easily access and trust a brand, they become customers and over a period of time, brand ambassadors.   
Keep in mind that WeChat users have certain expectations of Official accounts - group messaging services, quick responses, and availability to answer their queries.

  1. Remember that the Chinese buyer persona is changing:

When it comes to buying property, they extensively search online to find all the information they can – product descriptions, customer reviews etc., and then make calculated decisions.

A good tactic for marketing your real estate business on WeChat is to provide information about your company, who you are, why you wish to sell in China and the kind of properties that you sell. It is also a good idea to communicate with people who may have questions or queries about your firm. Real estate investment is an important one, with a lot of money in the game. If you reassure your potential customers that you are clean and transparent, they will trust you and buy.

Understand what works and what doesn’t. Researching your competitors to understand how they communicate and what worked well for them may be a good start.

  1. Note that Chinese like the prospects of owning property abroad:

Undoubtedly, the purchasing power of the Chinese is at its zenith today. They want to invest money in a safe way and give foremost importance to two things - Education and Lifestyle.

However, owning property in China is quite difficult. Many Chinese investors look to buy real estate abroad, mainly for their children to gain access to western education. This is an important purchase factor and the Chinese prefer to invest their money in international real estate. Taking this into account and using this in your WeChat marketing is a smart thing to do. Start with posting about the international destination, the education options and the likes, that are sure to get the Chinese interested in your offerings.

  1. Focus on quality over quantity:

Ever been in a situation where you felt that posting more on social media implies more reach and more business? Most marketers are guilty of this, and some are even proud of it.
Remember that WeChat is a very different platform. The average WeChat user has around 194 contacts and is bombarded with truckloads of content from different companies.
Competition much?

Worry not, for quality always wins over quantity. So, when it comes to big investments such as real estate, doubly ensure that your WeChat posts are unique, appealing, detailed and focused.

Of course, it is quite challenging to move into a new market, and China is possibly the toughest of them all. Which is why many businesses choose to work with a digital marketing agency that has experience in understanding markets. Wisoft has a team of marketing specialists who exactly what it takes for marketing to click in the Chinese Market. Speak to us today, and we’ll tell you all about it!

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