How Will Google Determine If A Web Page Is Low Quality?

Oct 6, 2017 9:32:12 AM / by Fazill

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Wouldn't it be interesting if businesses could determine how Google's algorithm takes into account the latest design trends to evaluate the quality of a website's page? There are important facts to consider to assess which pages pass the grade and which don't, the page loading times, search behavior and quality of content present. Businesses are eradicating low quality pages from their website and have seen a huge improvement in Google search rankings. The challenge is in figuring out which pages are low quality and what Google considers as good content for a website.

Google's perception of quality content

Google has some insights on what makes a website high or low quality. Few of those may seem pretty obvious, but few may sound intriguing for businesses. Here are a few ground rules Google follows to assess the quality of website pages.

  • High quality and unique content with SEO optimized keywords
  • The website's page should successfully answer the searcher’s query
  • Lots of external links that makes the page reference-worthy
  • Insight and value the page provides for users searching for something specific to their needs
  • High quality internal and external SEO links

For example, if a user performs a search for "dry cleaning", and the page comes up. Then the user clicks on the page, stays there for more info and then goes back to Google. But then a completely different search is performed or the user goes to a different task like reading mails or visiting other websites, whatever it may be. Then, that tells Google the page is good, as it solved the search query successfully.

However, if the same user performs a search for "dry cleaning", and the page comes up. Then they click it, but some low quality, irrelevant content comes up and the user goes back to search for a different link. Then, that tells Google that the page did not answer the search query successfully. If this happens routinely, Google calls it pogo-sticking, where the user visits the page, doesn't like what is there and moves on to another page. Then the page will be very likely moved down in rankings, as it is perceived low quality by Google.

How can businesses filter web pages to assess their quality?

Businesses should come up with a proper SEO strategy that helps them evaluate web pages to ID high and low quality. Here are a few tips that businesses can implement to do just that.

  • Check the user's time spent on the website. If they spend time browsing other pages, then that is a good sign
  • See if your page is getting social shares on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Check the bounce rate of the visits to your website. A higher bounce rate could mean that the user is navigating away from your site after viewing only one page
  • Check the click-through rates by looking in Google Search Console

What a website should do to increase quality

Here are a few important functionalities and features that a website should possess, in order to be assessed as high-quality from Google's standpoint.

  • The page has to load quickly on any type of connection
  • The user should have an intuitive experience when viewing the pages on any device, namely smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.
  • The user should be able to view quality content that is informative, free from typos and grammatical errors. Poor spelling and bad grammar can remove featured snippets from Google.
  • Non-text content like videos should have readable, text alternatives so that the user is able to read it without viewing or hearing. Google encourages the use of the alt attribute. A transcript below the video will help users read and acquire all the information if they don't have the ability to for whatever reasons, like technical accessibility or any sort of handicap issues.
  • The user should be able to read content that is easy to understand.

The web page's content should be able to direct the user to additional links or sources. This is to derive more information or for follow-up on certain tasks.

If content is King for your website, then SEO is the crown. Even if there are low quality pages in your site, you can always revamp the existing structure by utilizing proper SEO tools and techniques. You can check out The Only SEO Techniques You Will Ever Need to improve your website’s rankings in Google and other search engines.

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