Is Your Website Ready For A Mobile First World?

Oct 12, 2017 11:51:55 AM / by Balamurugan

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What is Mobile first world? With the tremendous increase in the use of smart phones, Google has decided to do a major change in the way search engines work. Google is going to start ranking websites based on the quality of the website’s mobile version over the desktop version. Thus, changing your google results to those websites which are optimized for mobiles. So, the way how your mobile website works will determine your ranking.

Mobile Optimization is now a crucial factor, especially for businesses. If your company’s website still doesn’t have a mobile responsive website or of the mobile website is not completely optimized then this is the right time to make it ideal for a mobile first world. You can infer to the tips below to make your website ready for the same.

  1. Content matters

It is clearly not possible to add all the content that is available on the desktop website to be available on the mobile website. However, it is important to make sure that all the features and mandatory details are available. Think and decide on what all elements and content should go into the mobile website. Because it is necessary to give your user the fullest experience of your website.

  1. Page speed

Honestly, most of us do not like to access pages that take a lot of time to load. If your mobile website is not responsive then it might take quite some time for the website to load. As a result, there is a possibility that your user will already be fed up of the waiting time and will leave the page. You cannot afford to lose your users because of this. So, it is better to optimize the page speed as well.

  1. Do the statistics

With various heat maps tools available in the market, it has become a habit to get your website insights to address and work on the pain points. You can use the Heat map tool to find out where your user is clicking and the complete journey of your user. This way, you can be sure about what exactly your user wants and can optimize your mobile website efficiently.

Now that we have seen how you can keep your website ready for the mobile first world it is time to optimize your mobile website accordingly and make it a mobile friendly website. Wisoft solutions can make your work easier. We at Wisoft can help your company build a mobile responsive website. Whereas, if you already have a mobile website and you do not know how to optimize it the right way then

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Written by Balamurugan