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2.1-1What is local search engine optimization?

Local search engine optimization is a branch of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website and make it readily available in local search results.

Local SEO makes it very easy for every small or multi-location company to grow their business and attract more potential customers using local SEO strategies.

For any business online presence is very vital and going for optimization of the website for search engine becomes the foremost priority.

The SEO services in Dubai helps businesses in the natural search results, for queries which leads them to new business opportunities. They mainly use ethical and white hat methods to secure top positions in the search rankings, thus giving more effective and longer lasting results.

  • Ensuring Consistency of business details:

While focusing on local SEO, we usually forget the small points and instead start focusing on the bigger strategies. So lets’ start with something very basic and that is the business details.

The basic business details normally consist of- Name, Address, and Phone number.

The business name in all your profiles should be exactly the same. For example, the local SEO rankings might take a hit if we accidentally optimize both wifisoftsolutions and wifisoftsolution. The simple missing of the letter‘s’ can create all the confusion.

 Addresses can also get tricky at times. Make sure to have the same address in each of the profiles. Consistency is the key. 

Don’t forget about the phone number. If you use periods for your phone number use that or in case of using dashes, go for that. A mix of +971-***-**** and +971/***/**** might look messy. Try to stick to one of them, as these small things create a branding impression.

  • Using powerful keywords:

Getting your profile ready and set up your business details is important to really zero in on optimization of local search.

Local SEO needs proper keyword search. Try to have a detailed study on your target audience and lookout for keywords, which they can relate to. Stick on to the white hat SEO and avoid keyword stuffing.

Often the local search visitors will visit these directories in the lookout for more information about your information. In order to reach them, you should create a copy which provides useful information and is filled with natural content partnered with powerful keywords.

  • Using online directories and citations:

Getting your business listed in all the available online directories can help improve local rankings. The basic information’s to include are:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Hours in operation
  • Services offered
  • Credentials
  • Photos

Make it a point to update them accurately and consistently across different directories.

  • Titles and mega description tags:

Titles and mega description tags are very important elements for your website as these let users know what your website or your website is about.  It should be concise and easily absorbed

Some of the basic points that we should be taken care of while preparing title tags are:

  • The length of the title should range from 50-60 characters.
  • Meta descriptions should come around 160-200 characters.
  • Selection of every word should be done wisely so that the users can easily relate them.
  • Try positioning of the keyword as near to the beginning as possible.
  • Make every single element count.
  • Pursue online reviews:

You might all be aware of how positive review plays a major role in purchasing or even studying anything online. We are in to look out for what others feel about the service or product.

No one wants to be the first one to experience it. As per a survey, almost 84% of customers trust online reviews.

Google knows it very well. They recognize how reviews help in the ranking of sights. Therefore getting a positive review should be consistently pursued. You should take note of the following points while looking for positive reviews:

  • Make a target. Set a goal for a minimum number of reviews for each month.
  • Prepare the KPI’s for your business.
  • Brainstorm for effective ways to follow up for customer reviews.
  • Know how customer service will play a role.
  • Make it a habit to continuously optimize.

There are many SEO services that are great for managing and gaining online reviews.

  • Produce local contents:

Producing high-quality contents which are related to your area of operation gives more visibility among the target customers.

It can be blog posts, online question, and answers, or any type of page relating to the local area. If you want the content to be interactive and useful, then its best to keep the length within 1000 words.

A few things should be taken care of while writing contents for your site:

  • Know your target customer.
  • Know the specific sites or channels where they consume the content.
  • Keep the messaging consistent.
  • Publish at a constant interval.
  • Promote your contents through various channels.

Make your messaging relevant, informative and actionable. It is one of the key methods to differentiate yourself in the market.

  • Constant monitoring:

Talking of strategies, keeping a track on yourself also becomes one of the vital parameters.

Try following a schedule to keep a check on your company profiles.

 If a visitor tries to reach you, and no one is there to reply, then you will not only lose one single customer but dozens who will notice your lack of response.

For those who have a directory that allows comments and rankings from the customer, this is crucial. A bad review or comment can go a long way in destroying the reputation of your company.

Along with this try to keep a check on the local SEO tactics you have used. Weather your keywords are working. Or is there any better phrase for your local search.

For better monitoring there are various SEO companies in Dubai who gives better and efficient monitoring? The SEO company in Dubai brings in many highly customized local search strategies through an in-depth and extensive study of multiple factors.


Local SEO strategy consulting:

There are many SEO services in Dubai who comes with a tremendous online marketing team who helps in cleaning and maintaining profiles which are highly optimized for local search. They will help you in increasing leads to overall brand awareness.

  • Using local structured data mark up:

Also known as schema markup is a code which gives the search engine artificial intelligence all the necessary information about your business. It can be in relation to your products or services, reviews or even your content for your site.

Google offers a user-friendly testing tool to check your mark up time-to-time, ensuring its proper implementation.

  • Building a customer base through social media following locally:

Social media is a great marketing strategy to grow your business. But many business owners make a common mistake. They dive into social media without having a basic understanding of how to attract followers of what are the nuances of the platform.

 Before starting off with your social media marketing, try to have a proper survey of all your customers to find out which sites they are on, where they spent most of their times.

An SEO agency in Dubai can provide you with the latest keywords to add to your social post and even optimize the images and videos to help create more general interest of the customer.

  • Getting listed in the Google+ business

This is an important step in any local search engine optimization strategy that is to claim and verify your business in Google My Business listing.

It will increase your visibility in various platforms like Google’ Local pack, Local finder, Google maps, and organic rankings.

To start with Google + business you have to answer the various questions by Google for your business profile. Once done, your profile will be visible to the people that too with valuable basic data of your business. This will make it easier for potential customers to get more information about your company.


How to select a trustworthy SEO company in Dubai?

If you are looking for the quick results that it is recommended to look out for some of the top SEO agency in Dubai. They will ensure that your customers find you locally. Without local SEO services, there are chances of missing out some of the qualified traffic and might also miss out sales.

Keep these factors in mind while selecting your local search marketing company:

  • Avoid those who make outlandish promises. It is impossible to get to the top of Google search overnight.
  • Look beyond software. Although it is important to have a good algorithm run software for better performance. But it’s nothing quite like having a human on your side to keep an eye on the software.

A good marketing company will always have a person or a dedicated team that works on marketing.

    • Don't get into long term contracts. Try to look for someone who proves to you month after month that they are continuously working towards improving your online presence.
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