Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business

Oct 11, 2016 10:13:14 AM / by Mubarak Basha

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Mobile Marketing is a digital marketing technique that has evolved to an unimaginable extent and still is witnessing changes in the form of many advanced updates. With the increasing number of smartphone users and the technological sophistication being incorporated into it, almost all transactions happen through mobile.

For small businesses, mobile marketing is the best way to traverse forward.

Below are the some of the mobile marketing tips for small business.

Personalized Text Message Campaign

Is your brand running a special offer this weekend? Then notify it to your prospective customers through text message alerts. And here, your brand should personalize the text message according to the target audience. Ensure that the text message intimating the offer is different for repeated customers and first-time buyers.

Why is it so? Repeated customers are well aware of your brand and they trust you, whereas in the case of prospective customers they are just prospects, and the text message targeted at them should effectively convince them so as to why they should opt for the offer.

In order to drive in more subscribers to the text message campaign, brands can assign a unique code and request customers to text the code to a unique number.  Perhaps, brands can offer attractive prizes for those signing-up for text message alerts. Through this, excitement quotient is brought in.

Timing matters the most

If your brand is conducting an event on Thursday, don’t start the SMS campaign by Monday. Instead, trigger the SMS campaign a day before the event. As far as SMS marketing is concerned, brand owners should understand the importance of timing the text campaign. There is a sharp contrast in receiver’s response to a text message and email message. Research indicates that people tend to open text messages within three minutes from the time of receiving, whereas email messages stay unopened in the inbox for weeks or months together.

Strategy for text message campaigns ought to be different so as to accommodate the essence of SMS trigger at the last minute. Moreover, a last minute reminder through text message will solicit decent response from the receivers.

Invest in Mobile Ads

Almost all social media channels have exclusive advertising options on mobile devices. When it comes to showing ads in mobile phones, Geotargeting plays a vital role in fueling maximum conversions. Target audience can be chosen within a 3-mile radius from the locality of the business and ads can be thrown exclusively for them. However, to attain maximum exposure and to notice increased brand engagement, the target mobile audience can be expanded to a larger radius.

Opt for AdWords enabled mobile ads

According to statistics, mobile advertising is expected to grow in leaps and bounds with a major proportion of digital ad spending is going to be in mobile advertising.

Mobile ads appear in a less condensed fashion and hence the message has to be precise triggering conversion. The landing page URL should be pointed to a mobile-friendly page and the check-out process should be simple that is devoid of unnecessary fields.

Text ads, Image ads, App promotion ads, and HTML 5 ads created through Google web designer are some of the variants of mobile ads. Even call-only ads can be created through AdWords. These ads draw increased clicks as a user is connected to a call upon directly clicking the ad.

Mobile-friendly Emails

It is estimated that around 79% of the people use their phones for reading emails. This brings to light the mandatory need for building mobile-friendly emails. Links and phone numbers incorporated into the should be clickable and readers should be landed in an external page that is definitely mobile responsive.

Images and other elements should be cross-checked across all devices perfection should be established at all cost.

Mobile Marketing is cost-effective and the reach is immense. To explore more about mobile marketing

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