Modern Keyword Research Is a Must For SEO Success. Find Out Why?

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Keywords- Is it still relevant in SEO? For many SEO managers, this is a puzzle for which they couldn't find an answer. Google has given a new dimension to the search capabilities by introducing many new updates in its google search algorithm. Whatever be so, the objective of all these advancements are to enhance the search experience in many ways. To the contrary, there is a misconceived notion that keyword strategies are a thing of the past. No, never. It is keywords that helps Google to comprehend the relevancy of the content.

The way Google is using keywords have evolved manifold. The age-old practice of stuffing up with exact-match or broad-match keywords are completely dead. It is the era of semantic keywords and Google's search engine indexing behaviors have become semantic in nature. In other words, incorporating the related keywords in the content rather than adding exact keywords will benefit from an SEO point of view.

What is modern keyword research all about?

Identifying the semantic keywords

Modern keyword research is all about identifying the key phrases and key terms used by your target audience in google search and other professional and non-professional forums. In other words, it is the process figuring out the related keywords identical to the exact keyword match. A well-built SEO strategy leverages the potential of right keywords.

Let's say that you are entering a keyword "athletic shoes review" in google search bar. Now, google doesn't throw results that contain the specific phrase alone, instead it uses its semantic indexing capabilities to throw results that are most likely to be related to the exact match keyword. Here in this case the results also contained phrases like "10 tips for choosing athletic shoes" and "The best athletic shoes for every work out".

Google also considers the below key phrases to be closely related to the exact match keyword "athletic shoes review".

google search
Perhaps, incorporating any of the above closely related keywords into the content will make your content stand out from a semantic indexing point of view.

Deciphering the language of target audience

Before zeroing in on the list of keywords to be targeted, get to know the language used by your target audience. The recipe to win the hearts of your target audience is to speak their language. Subscribe to forums and other Q&A sites, mine the threads so as to obtain the prospective list of keywords. By analyzing the phrases used, you will get a preliminary idea about your target audience focus areas.

To make it more precise, copy the thread title and paste it in any of the keyword density tool. Through this, you can discover the widely used key phrases and terms, which obviously implies that those are topics that commands preference amongst your target audience.

How to scrape a forum or Q&A sites for keyword ideas?

This exercise of scrapping the entire forum can be performed through automated tools like Faqfox. Depending on the keyword inputted, this tool will scrap all the threads across various forums that contain the target keyword. Upon inputting the keyword, this tool will throw the list of threads relevant to the keyword inputted. Now, as a keyword researcher, you need to meticulously pick up the key phrases and other questions. Upon analyzing these stuffs, you will get a brief idea on the prospective list of keywords. Indeed, all the keywords obtained through this process are semantic in nature.

Participating in Twitter chats

In order to perform keyword research in twitter, you need to participate in twitter chats on a real-time basis. You need to closely monitor the chats, especially questions asked by the followers. The objective is to figure out the keywords used in those questions. By entering the hash tag for an old chat, you can get to see the answers for the questions posed, and through which mine for prospective list of keywords.

Keep the omni-channel experience in mind while doing modern keyword research

The objective of keyword research should be inclusive. Performing keyword research for omnichannel is a multi-pronged process. Likewise, for omnichannel, objectives vary with certain digital marketing techniques. For example, when it comes to paid advertising, you need to identify the competitive nature of the keyword.

Factors to consider while performing keyword research for omni-channel.

  • Identifying the query and search frequency in the respective marketing channel
  • Trending topics across various social platforms
  • Nature of searches
  • Points of engagement revolving around keywords
  • Demand for search queries

How to do keyword research using modern keyword research tool?

  1. Google keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is considered to be one of the best keyword research tool for its accurate analysis. Very recently, google has effected changes in its keyword planner tool. The average monthly search estimates which throw a static figure is now being updated with a specific value range. According to google, the change was intended to enable advertisers with the necessary data which they are in dire need for optimizing their accounts. The other probable reason for this change is to obstruct the bots from maligning its prime use.


SEMRUSH is a comprehensive keyword research tool which is well-trusted for its accuracy. Perhaps, it offers more insights than keyword research and offers a glimpse of keywords for which a website is ranked. Indeed, through this feature the list of long-tail and short-tail keywords can be easily ascertained.

  1. LongTailPro

LongTailPro is a keyword research tool that offer detailed keyword research analysis through which the best set of keywords can be determined for niche sites. It is a cloud based software that provides extraordinary insights on the competitor keywords too.

  1. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is one of the trusted keyword research tools among SEO professionals. The quantum of related words or phrases that it offers for any given term is aplenty. In fact, it is known to offer profitable keywords as suggestion. Its keyword suggestions are completely bases on searches made in search engines.

By incorporating right semantic keywords into the content modern day SEO can be successful.

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