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Nov 18, 2016 2:28:32 PM / by Nithya Omprakash

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How to do you identify the performance of your PPC campaign? It is by utilizing the efficient PPC tools. Though there are many tools available to decipher and analyze various metrics associated with pay per click ad campaigns, there are only a few that offers extraordinary insights and that could help you to optimize your AdWords campaign.

In this blog, we will be talking about tools used to analyze various metrics of a PPC campaign.

Tools for keyword and competitor research

  1. Spyfu

Spyfu provides a list of profitable keywords used by competitors. In fact, it also highlights the list of bad keywords, through which campaign managers can avoid spending money on keywords that are considered to be negative for your campaign. It also helps to find the best Ad copy.

  1. iSpionage

iSpionage is an excellent competitive intelligence tool that provides crucial insights about the competitors' conversion strategy and other vital information. It is incorporated with a user-friendly interface. This PPC tool helps business to drive targeted traffic, enhance the lead acquisition process and maximize the conversion rates.

Tools for PPC landing page

  1. Unbounce

Through Unbounce, digital campaign managers can build conversion-centric landing pages in a short span of time. You don’t need to tech expertise to build a landing page. With the overlays feature, you can showcase targeted overlays to users and can increase the conversion rate.

  1. Leadpages

Leadpages have an assorted range of landing page template to choose from. These templates can be easily customized and also be used for building minisites. The templates are attractive and come with a rich design pattern.

Tools for PPC management

  1. AdWords Editor

Google AdWords editor is one best tools to manage PPC campaigns. It is extremely user-friendly since it can be used to execute large campaigns and to oversee campaigns executed through multiple accounts. It is incorporated with feature worth to perform bulk optimization and edits. Perhaps, it is faster than all other PPC management tool. A well-defined PPC strategy should have a mentioning about the tools that are to be used for PPC management.

  1. AdWords performance grader

This PPC tool performs a complete audit of your PPC account within a minute. It highlights the areas where the campaign has gone wrong. It assigns a score to each and every component.

Tools for call tracking

  1. Invoca

Invoca is a competitive call tracking tool through which calls can be tracked and automated so as to increase the lead generation process and obtain crucial insights. It can be integrated across 30 platforms. Through Invoca, campaigns that are driving calls can be understood.

  1. CallRail

CallRail is an amazing tool to measure the phone call conversions effected through search, digital and PPC campaigns. It offers some extraordinary call analytics thus empowering campaign managers to initiate the right course of action.

Tool for PPC analysis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best effective tool for PPC analysis since it provides minutest details with greater clarity. With this tool, the effectiveness of the campaign and the website performance can be easily ascertained. Optimization of keywords for PPC campaign can be well-executed upon inferring the keyword engagement metrics.

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