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Oct 19, 2017 3:17:49 PM / by Venkateswaran

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Ecommerce has evolved far beyond the 90’s when standards prevailed and usability won out. It can still get a lot better, since online shopping has now grown from infancy to the toddler stage. It has definitely grown as a successful medium for selling products and services. However, website designers and developers are faced with the challenging task of innovating creative ecommerce designs to derive high performing, quality ecommerce websites.

The question now lies between the effectiveness of following clean-cut standard practices for ecommerce website development or witty ideas that makes the site stand out from the rest of the pack. When comparing both approaches to determine the most effective Ecommerce website, it seems the first has established itself as the clear winner.

When a visitor already seems ‘familiar’ with your website, you have passed with flying colors. Usability is key for a successful website, as there are certain places, certain elements that visitors look out for and expect to utilize when its readily made available for them.

Some sites still haven’t made the transition or caught on to the rules for creating successful Ecommerce websites. If your business needs help in design and development, our Ecommerce web design agency will be able to help you create websites that sells at a high conversion rate and also give you the calls of action needed to be successful in generating sales. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow to create perfect websites that can put your business on the digital map.

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  1. Tell me where I am

Navigation through an Ecommerce website must be a seamless experience for visitors. Don’t make them look for it. Always use a top or standard side navigation button to give users the best results. You can also show them where they are in the site structure. Here is an example: Home>Category>Sub-Category>Product.

  1. Show me the stuff

Offer visitors the option of viewing every product on one page. Usually, it’s tough to see the details of a product in perfect clarity. Make all the details pop by adding in zoom features and images with different viewing angles of the product. A picture speaks a thousand words, so spend some money and time to get photos that create interest and sell.

  1. Tell me what it costs and what I’m saving

Most websites have product pages that fail to show important details that users crave. The MRP along with the discount and the offer must be shown. You can also provide the list price and your price. This encourages customers to buy from you if your rates are low. Every page must provide some extra bit of detail before the user clicks on a particular product. Give a tiny description, list the color/size and other options you have in stock.

  1. Provide a shout out column

Include a testimonials section next to the product, the checkout page or other appropriate locations to increase the user’s interest. This hugely helps in crossing the sales barrier when customers are reassured about the quality and details of the product before buying.

  1. Tell me if I’ve got it

There are many websites out there that let you add products to your cart or even checkout before you discover that it is out of stock! This is something that customers can’t stand and will lead them to switch retailers.

  1. Give all the details

When sending out confirmation emails, make sure to include all the information right down to the last detail. This reassures the customer that they are getting what they ordered. In case there are changes, give options online to help customers change specifications and fix the issue before the package arrives.

  1. Pay as you like it

Having multiple payment options on a website really makes a huge difference to your sales conversions. Provide an integrated merchant account like PayPal, or Google Checkout.

Nowadays, Ecommerce website development is all about being innovative, attractive, authentic and relevant to customers. Always do some comprehensive research when selecting an Ecommerce web design agency to develop a website that suits your business’s goals and needs. For comprehensive Ecommerce solutions in Dubai.

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