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Jun 19, 2017 11:22:32 AM / by Nithya Omprakash

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Just like the advertisements in the print media - in newspapers and hoardings, it is possible, in fact, essential to advertise your products online. Research points at the obvious about buying patterns amongst consumers. Most customers before buying a product look for the best options in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

It is therefore crucial for your company and your products to appear on search engines, preferably in its first few pages. For an organization interested in online advertising, there are two ways of appearing on a search engine:

  1. Through on-page and off-page optimization of the website where the relevant information related to your company and your products will appear in the organic search results.

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  1. Or paying for the space on the search engines and appearing in the sponsored links section.

While it is best for a company to appear in organic searches, it is quite a time taking process and requires a certain level of expertise. On the other hand, a slot in the sponsored links section is easy to acquire and does not involve much technical knowledge.

This method of advertising is known as 'pay per click' or PPC in short. It's uncomplicated and functions on a simple logic. Once your advertisement is up and running on the search engine, it will show up in the sponsored links sections every time someone looks for a product similar to your offering. You pay a small fee every time prospective customers click on your ad.

PPC advertisement is particularly good as a medium of reaching out to interested customers since your ad only shows up when a product or service similar to yours is searched for. This essentially means that only people really interested in your offering will click on it. The search engines technology awards the top bidders of the ad space and also awards the best quality ads such that your well-designed ad will get a higher click-through rate which will in turn lower the cost you incur for each click.


Google AdWords is one of the top PPC platforms. Users have to bid on keywords and pay for clicks on their ads. Ads to be displayed as the search results are chosen based on several factors including relevance, quality and size of the keyword bids.

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As a first step towards PPC advertising, you must create an AdWords account. Remember that in order for your ad to work properly and yield the results you want, you should have a website in place even before you create your AdWords account.

The next and the most important step is to select the right keywords that define and highlight your products and services. There are several online tools that can help you select the keywords most suitable to your product.

Next on the list is to carefully select the 'campaign settings'. You should choose the appropriate locations and languages, search and content network & devices setting, bidding and budget, and advanced settings.

You then create the ad based on the Ad writing specifications mentioned in AdWords. Remember to place an appropriate 'call to action'.

Once you have created your campaign, keep checking it every few days to monitor performance and change the keywords based on what they cost and against how often they are being clicked.

For a PPC advertising campaign to succeed, you must commit to the advertising cost as well as devote time to optimize the keywords that define your company, products and services. It works well for all types of businesses – both eCommerce and otherwise and can be used to drive traffic to your website and sell your products.

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