Rookie Errors To Avoid When Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

Sep 18, 2017 1:30:25 PM / by Nithya Omprakash

rookie errors for facebook ad campaigns

Facebook is one of the largest, robust and reputable platforms for social media management, online marketing and advertising. This powerful medium is ideal for businesses and companies of all sizes to reach their target customers. However, as a sole entrepreneur who is just starting out in the big bad digital world, it can get frustrating to discover the amount of trial and error that is involved in promoting your business or brand. This is especially cumbersome when you have to invest in real advertising dollars to get positive results.

Facebook ad mistakes are likes mines in the minesweeper game. If you lose focus and hit the wrong square, it’s game over.

facebook ad errors

Maybe you have already set up some Facebook ads and not seeing an increase in leads or sales. It can get tricky to create perfect Facebook ads especially from a brand or ROI perspective. This is where a social media marketing strategy can help businesses master the art of creating Facebook ad campaigns that will bring in leads and generate ROI.

Facebook advertising does not always end with a wrong move. You can always make amends to pick up from where you left off, if you get the right kind of professional help. Here are a few rookie errors that can be avoided when creating Facebook ad campaigns.

Targeting a wrong Facebook audience

One of the most powerful components of Facebook marketing and advertising is in creating niche audiences. By narrowing down your business’ target audience, there are higher chances of boosting your ad conversion rate. Go through your customer base and find out certain demographics like age, gender, location, interests, lifestyle, behaviors, and then target them accordingly. You can also offer your potential customers some important information or gated content in exchange for their email or contact information.

Facebook also offers an Audience Insights Tool to help businesses get a firm grasp of who their target audience is. Information is collected from people’s profile and activity on the social networking site. This is then combined with third party sources to enable businesses make informed decisions with their ad targeting.

facebook insight tool

(A screenshot of a brand using the Audience Insight Tool on Facebook)

Careless writing

When creating Facebook ad campaigns, it is important to create quality content as templates. It is a huge responsibility, as grammatical errors or typos could potentially extinguish the spark of interest in readers. Some ground rules to follow from your business’s end would be to find the right tone of voice, sticking to what’s important and writing with the customer in mind. You can also experiment with multiple ad copies to see which one performs the best.

facebook ad

(Every text in a Facebook Ad can be customized as given in the screenshot)

Think about your Facebook ad campaign’s goal, is it to create brand awareness, get people to buy from you or collect new leads? Each and every word of your ad copy should support the goal and nudge your audience towards it.

Not using video ads

Posting videos on Facebook has increased by 360% across people’s news feeds. Businesses in the E-Commerce industry have taken to posting their products on Facebook like duck to water. This is to generate high levels of engagement that videos tend to get. Video ads can be optimized to maximize user views and Facebook will automatically alter videos based on the type of audience viewing it.

ecommerce video ad

(A screenshot of an E-Commerce company posting a video about their products)

Using too much text on Ad Images

Are you aware of the 20% rule on Facebook ads that the image should carry only 20% of text? If your ad image is text heavy, Facebook could refrain from distributing your ads. Test the ad’s arrangement by running it through the Text Overlay Tool provided by Facebook.

Ads require headlines that really pack a punch when the audience reads it. According to statistics, 59% of people on Facebook stick to reading only the headline in an ad copy and don’t bother much with the other text. High text density doesn’t mean that Facebook won’t post your ad, but it will be delivered only to a small audience. One good thing is, Facebook informs businesses through emails by directing their attention to text heavy ads.

heavy text ad
(A screenshot of an Ad that looks really text heavy)

To ensure that your Facebook Ads get maximum views, it’s advisable to lower text density or avoid text on the image so that it does not affect conversions.

The objective of social media campaigns varies with each business or brand. In order to drive success for any ad campaign, deploying an effective social media marketing strategy is crucial. Here are The 4 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools that augurs well for achieving your business’s goals and objectives.

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