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Mar 8, 2018 11:42:00 AM / by Mubarak Basha

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SEO was simple in the good old days. A website just needed some good quality keywords and it ranked number one in search engines. But it’s not that easy or simple these days. Now, search engines like Google takes hundreds of factors into account to determine the kind of pages that can rank high in search engine results (SERPs).

This essentially means that elements of User Experience (UX) have now been incorporated into SEO practices. After a website is created, a few questions need to be asked.

  • How easy is it to navigate your website?
  • Are visitors engaged with interesting, quality content?
  • Is the website fast, secure and mobile-friendly?

To put it simply, SEO targets search engines, whilst UX targets the website’s visitors. Both have to work in tandem as they share a common goal of giving visitors the best experience possible.

Use catchy headings

Headings are an integral part of any website’s content as catchy text makes it easy for search engine crawlers and visitors to find and understand the given information. It is like a window to what you are trying to say through your content. Headings are like titles of a book, a logical hierarchy that tells readers what the sections or paragraphs are all about. Adding optimized SEO keywords will do wonders for your search engine rankings. Sub headers can be used to categorize and structure the rest of the page’s content appropriately.

Optimize site structure

There are too many websites out there that just don’t get it…well easy site navigation that is. Your website’s site structure is not only important for visitors but serves as a road map for search engines also. It’s important to remember that users may enter your website through other pages and not only through the home page. This means that your site should be structured in a way that is easy to navigate. It should not be a place where there are a long list of options, irritating pop-ups, games or endless dead ends. The visitor must be able to go to another section without feeling lost or confused. There is also another advantage of sitelinks appearing in Google search results, which means less room for your competitors and more clicks for you.

Have clickable user signals

Have you checked to see if users are using the click-to-call feature to dial your business? Are customers leaving good reviews for you? Are users clicking on posts on your business page? Studies have shown that there is a strong connection between user signals and top rankings. Google sees all and knows all. Every kind of engagement and interaction with your customers shows Google that you have interesting content.

Increase site speed

Good site speed is a very important ranking factor for Google search. You need to have a website that loads quickly and is mobile responsive as well.  Using Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool will help you analyze your website’s issues and how it can improve page loading times. News sites and content heavy sites should be the ones paying close attention to site speed, since these websites are viewed mostly on mobile for easy reading and convenience.

Enhance mobile experience

Site navigation is an important component of good mobile experience. SEO experts and webmasters have to take a site’s mobile-friendliness into account as a ranking factor in search engines. The look, feel, speed, text, navigation, images, and so on should be thought of when designing a website to make it responsive and mobile-friendly. In 2018, your mobile site will be taken into consideration when Google’s algorithm does it work for calculating rankings. Users must be able to find what they are looking for quickly and even button designs/sizes can impact the overall user experience. This can also directly or indirectly affect SEO as well.

A winning combination – SEO and UX

SEO and UX work hand-in-hand in creating an informative, engaging and successful website for businesses. The heightened experience levels are beneficial for users as well as for search engines.
So, what do you think? Do you need help from a SEO agency to create a website that ticks all the right boxes in the digital landscape? You can work with a SEO company to ensure that your website makes for a great experience and balances out UX and SEO factors perfectly. For an interesting read, check out these 11 Optimum SEO Strategies And Techniques that will help in gaining online visibility, generate leads and drive sales.

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