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Mar 30, 2017 8:47:06 AM / by Belmond Victor

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Given the chronology, SMS almost seems like first new age tool to be used for marketing. Which makes this text-messaging format a legend of sorts. In spite of being almost ancient in the digital marketing world when compared to other tools, SMS is still going strong. SMS marketing still holds the position of being a unique and influential channel to reach and engage with a customer.

But, with changing times, the requirement and services expected from SMS have changed too. The competition fierce. So, to succeed with your Bulk SMS strategies, you’ll need to invest in much more than just a decent piece of content. There are some tips that might come in handy:

Why should you use SMS marketing?

The first right step in your initiative to launch a mutually successful campaign is to understand and reinforce the motive behind choosing this medium. Brand promotion alone cannot be the motive. Doing so throws a bad light on your business. It comes across as a selfish move and can irk prospective customers away. Therefore, before you start out, make a list of why you are indulging in SMS marketing as a part of your digital promotion package:

  • To provide quality service
  • To promote additional services
  • To reach out to prospective consumers
  • To announce a business
  • To build a relationship with the customer
  • To increase your reach and enhance service quality
  • To encourage referrals
  • To inspire repeat business
  • To establish a base for customer interaction

What are the keys points in Bulk SMS marketing?

When compared to its parallels, Bulk SMS marketing is a definite profit-yielding venture. Therefore, it can be tempting to optimise it and lose focus on what’s important. One wrong step can bring the whole campaign crashing down. So, be clever, learn the knack of packaging your message with your promotions, while making the ‘services’ look like the highlight. Three primal factors to determine in Bulk SMS is:

  • Content of the SMS
  • Timing of the SMS
  • Frequency of the SMS

Run extensive market research and consumer's consumption pattern before finalizing these. Getting a consumer to open your SMS and take the time to go through it is an art in itself, especially when they receive a plethora of promotional ads on a daily basis. So, what needs to be done to make your text stand out? The answer - Instant connect. The customer should find the text engaging, useful and relevant. Even if one of these three isn’t met, the campaign might not meet its desired outcome.

When to get an expert's help?

Today, owing to the popularity of SMS marketing and its effectiveness, there are numerous professional SMS agencies you can choose from. Also, with so many vendors in the market, you might be able to hire one to assist in your SMS marketing strategies at a very competitive price. So, customize SMS based on your requirement with the help of the vendor. Test the market, find out about the kind of gadgets your target audience are more likely to use and accordingly decide the required action point. While at it, keep these basics in mind:

  • Make sure the tone of the SMS is friendly and urgent
  • Make the offer and service sound as lucrative as possible
  • Make provision for interaction. Provide promotional code that the consumer can use on a different platform or retrieve services
  • Make sure to include a link to your website. Or provide a link that takes the consumer to a relevant page that compliments the offer made in the SMS
  • Make sure to acknowledge and appreciate your consumer's interaction with an SMS response, that says- 'thank you'.

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