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The holy month of plays a significant role in the lives of Islamic people across the globe, especially in the MENA region. The observations and festivities are accompanied by weeks of shopping and purchases. This has evidently spilled over into the digital realm too, impacting mobile strategies and campaigns that play a vital role in engaging and retaining users.

Why SMS Marketing?

Here’s why SMS Marketing during festive seasons like Ramadan works for brands, especially for those in the F&B and Retail sectors:

  • Effective Mode of Communication

Bulk SMS has been extensively used as a mode of communication for a while now. The biggest advantage of SMS Marketing is that brands can reach customers through SMSs even when there is no internet connection. This makes it cost-effective and smartphone independent.

  • Rapidly Increasing Mobile Usage in the MENA Region

During Ramadan, there is a dramatic spike in mobile usage, making SMS Marketing the ideal way to reach customers. Numbers show that users in the MENA region spend nearly 44% of their screen time on their phone, which is higher than any other device. The adoption rate of mobile phones has proved the effectiveness of SMS Marketing owing to the fact that consumers can be reached quickly and directly.

  • Existing Mobile Infrastructure

Smartphone penetration in the MENA region is predicted to reach only 65% by the year 2020, well below the global average of 72%. Device optimized websites in the region are not up to global standards either. While these factors pose challenges to the internet-based mobile advertising, all phones (smartphones or others) are conducive for SMS Marketing purposes. Given the existing mobile infrastructure, SMS campaigns are the most preferred form of mobile marketing in the region.

  • Higher Open Rates

Not everyone would have a smartphone with ready access to email. Even those who have smartphones could end up missing out on marketing emails which often end up in the spam folder. Time and again, SMS Marketing statistics have proven that 98% of text messages are opened and read at the time they are received. SMSs seldom go ignored, providing brands with a consistent way to directly reach customers.

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SMS Marketing During Ramadan

For Marketers and brands, the Ramadan month promises opportunity. Customer activity peaks during the week before Ramadan in lieu of the preparations for fasting and family time. The third week of Ramadan also sees consumers placing orders that will arrive just in time for the celebrations during Eid. Investing during these times to reach the top rankings in the app charts is a worthwhile exercise.

You too can reap the advantage of the upswings in consumer spending during Ramadan. Here are a couple of critical pointers to keep in mind while crafting your brand’s SMS Marketing strategy.

  • Keep the Momentum Going

Encourage customers to keep coming back to your brand by running sustainable, ongoing campaigns. Target them with special offers and discounts. This will boost engagement and instill the buying spirit until the end of the festivities (perhaps even later).

  • Stay Relevant

Customized and relevant promotions such as discounts and cash-back offers are best when announced during peak purchase periods. Retailers can use sustainable campaigns to push items like religious clothing, electronics, etc., that are often bought during the fasting month.

Maximizing Profits and Increasing Revenue During Ramadan

So, how can brands in the Retail and F&B space make the best use of SMS Marketing during the holy month to maximize their profits?

  • Promotions and Offers - Bulk SMS being the most affordable and easy way to spread the word on any special Ramadan deals, SMS Marketing can be used to offer special promotions and communicate announcements such as season menus, extended opening hours or VIP nights.
  • Flash Sales - Flash sales accomplish the difficult task of creating a sense of urgency among customers, thereby increasing foot-traffic in your store / quick orders. Do you find your business dealing with excess stock in the last few days of Ramadan? A bulk SMS message communicating a flash sale to everyone in your contact list can be a great way to get the stocks moving.
  • Limited Time Offers - Send information about time-sensitive discounts, weekly and seasonal specialties via SMS. This helps in driving immediate traffic to the stores and the website.
  • SMS Coupons - For physical stores, an effective way to get customers through the doors is by sending SMS coupons. Within minutes, your entire customer base can receive the intended SMS, thanks to SMS Marketing.
  • SMS Gifts – Ramadan the season of sharing and giving. Why not use this as an opportunity to build goodwill by sending your customers an SMS gift for Eid al-Fitr. Even a small gift such as ‘5% discount your next purchase’, will be a valued gesture and can go a long way in retaining customer loyalty.

SMS Marketing is a powerful strategy that warrants success when used rightly. A well planned and executed SMS campaign can do wonders for your business, as it has for many brands across the globe. A boost in sales, brand awareness, and a host of loyal customers are some of the many benefits. Just two weeks to go before Eid, now is the time to put your best foot forward and unleash the power of SMS Marketing in your Ramadan campaigns.

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