How SMS Short Code Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts?

Nov 3, 2016 6:59:15 PM / by Belmond Victor

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SMS short code is considered to be the efficient and fastest technique to reach out to potential customers and in turn to solicit information. Generally, SMS short codes are an easy-to- be-remembered five-digit number used for interactive communication. This short code number more often gets displayed in print advertising, outdoor media, points of sale and heard in a number of television and radio campaigns. The objective of which is to request the prospects to revert to the highlighted short code number for availing more information or to confirm the likeliness towards a particular product or service. Short codes are easily memorable when compared to telephone numbers. These codes have the unique potential to generate instant leads and are known to engage customers or prospects at points of sale.

How can businesses leverage the potential of short codes?

By using SMS short codes, brands can connect with the potential customers instantly, simultaneously offering them an option to revert back. So as to enhance the SMS marketing efforts, brands can utilize the below the short codes to reap rich dividends in the form of increased sales.

According to SMS marketing experts, short codes are highly effective when it is used to promote special offers and other interesting events. Indeed, by seeing the short code number, readers are prompted to respond to the message.

Below are the types of SMS short codes that can be used to strengthen the SMS marketing efforts.

  • Dedicated SMS short codes

Dedicated Short Code is an exclusive code number that will be used only by your business. If your brand intends to establish a deeper connection with the prospects and to build a unique identity, better opt for dedicated short code. When you use the same short code number time and again in your promotional SMS, your prospects can easily identify that this number belongs to your brand as it easily gets imprinted in their minds. Perhaps, they don’t trash the SMS as such. On a global level, all leading international brands across industries use dedicated short code number.

  • Shared SMS short codes

Shared Short Code happens to be a number used by multiple businesses. So as to avoid confusion, brands using the same code will be assigned an SMS keyword. Hence, prospects planning to utilize the services of a particular company or concurring to receive SMS messages from the respective business should revert back to the short code number by adding the keyword as the message. For example, a company selling pizza will be assigned with the keyword “PIZZA” and the other business which is into the selling of bouquets will be assigned a keyword “BOUQUET”.

  • Premium SMS short codes

Brands opting to offer premium service can use premium SMS short code. Brands conducting SMS contests, or attracting subscription for its resources can opt for premium short codes. By reverting to the short code number, prospects, in turn, can download the resource. This is another great way to engage with the customers by ensuring that the promotional message goes unnoticed.

  • Standard rate SMS short code

You don’t like to bother your prospects? Then opt for standard rate short code, as customers are empowered with an option to revert back without paying any additional charge. Brands not eyeing any revenue generation can prefer using standard short code. Indeed, the objective of SMS marketing executed through standard short code is to solicit feedback, collate information and conduct surveys.

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