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Gone are the days when core industries and businesses took to minimal or no marketing. With the onset of newer social media trends quarter-on-quarter, organizations are doing all they can to better engage with their customers, both existing and prospective, on social media. Today, even those companies in industries like automotive, financial or medical devices are using social media to build meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

Every brand has its own ways to connect with the target audience and customers. Are you a brand from an off-the-beat industry that is wondering how to grab the mindshare and screen space of your customers on social media? Here are six ways in which brands across all industries can leverage social media to build lasting, meaningful relationships with customers, and influence their purchase decisions:

  • Building Communities

Social Media is characterized by one word - community. People get on social media to feel a sense of belongingness to a set of people or brands they resonate with. So, one of the main things a brand must focus on for a solid social media presence is building a community. A successful community of enthusiasts can be built only with regular and consistent activity on the social media platform. Posting news and updates regularly and opening up the group for members to communicate is a great way for the audience to feel like they are a part of something important. Maintaining discussions not only brings forth new insights about the audience (be it followers, customers or potential customers) but also gives you the opportunity to have a dialogue with them. Communication is a two-way street and you can do a great job of establishing a healthy, meaningful rapport with your audience through social media.

  • Providing Value To The Audience

The brutally honest statement The world doesnt revolve around you!, couldnt be truer in the context of social media marketing. Keep posting (or should we say bragging?) only about your brand and products/services and you are bound to be unfollowed by those who dont see value in your offerings. Instead, weave your narrative around the customer, their pain points, problems and how your brand can help resolve their issues. Helping your customer or potential buyer via social media will enable you to build a long-lasting relationship with them, in turn, propelling your brand awareness and growth. Alongside business-related topics, share content that your target audience would resonate with and find value in a DIY tutorial, an informative post, funny meme or even a heart-warming video. Pique the interest of your audience by producing high quality, entertaining, and informative content that will help them recall you and your offerings.

  • Making It All About The Customers

Thumb rule - People love to feel important. Harp on this concept and find a way to make customers a part of your brand. Encourage your audience to share their stories, put up a post that crowdsources ideas, attract new followers by incentivising your audience if they tag their friends, etc. Find ways to make people feel good - when your customers are happy, your business will be too!

  • Using Every Opportunity To Seek Feedback

Building a community and crowdsourcing ideas arent just marketing tactics. They are easy and effective ways to obtain feedback about your offerings. Look for as many avenues to accept feedback from your customers encourage them to post a story, review on a relevant portal, comment on a post, etc. Aside from marketing benefits, youll also find multiple possibilities to improve your business.

  • Using Social Media For CRM Multiple Communication Channels

The dwindling importance that people give to customer care calls is evident. Rather than picking up the phone and calling customer support, customers prefer to email or resort to social media to get their questions answered. It is, therefore, mandatory for brands to be available to customers in the channels they are active on, be it email / Facebook / Twitter, etc. Maintaining these connections calls for developing several ways through which customers can contact you through social media through direct messages, tweets and likes. Enter Social CRM aka Social Customer Relationship Management, another important link that involves the integration of social media channels into CRM platforms, enabling customers to interact with businesses via their preferred channels. This also implies better customer service and enhanced marketing insights. With Social CRM, brands can communicate with customers using the channel of their choice - phone, email, SMS, chat, or social media The result instead of remaining passive, customers become active participants in the brand story.

  • Upselling And Cross-Selling Through Social Media

70% of companies agree that it's cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. Find yourself forgetting about your existing customers while focussing on generating more leads? Though it might appear counter-productive to re-invest in existing customers, remember that the best opportunities are the ones youve already created. Therefore, exploring upsell and cross-sell opportunities to increase customer lifetime value and encourage repeat purchases is a worthwhile approach. Cross-selling is the process of selling offerings that complement or supplement the purchases that customers have already made. Upselling is the process of increasing the customers value by instigating them to add on services or purchase a higher-end option. Social media poses ample opportunities for remarketing and automating upselling and cross-selling and getting people to convert again with minimal effort.

In the social-driven world we live in, it is almost a crime to not be active on social media channels and available for customers at all times. It is a thing of the past to assume that social media is not for your brand or industry. Everyone has gone social. Have you?
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